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Starting Over

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If you have followed the blog since it’s inception, in 2017, then you’re probably used to me constantly reinventing the wheel and if you’ve been around that long… THANK YOU!

If you’re new to following the blog, well, welcome!

Last year, I founded a multimedia company called Reverential Media Company (click here to check it out). And I realized I needed to create two separate spaces if I wanted to keep the blog and have a website for my company.

It took me a while, but here we go.

I’m definitely long-winded and I could write a novelette about the history of briannamonique.blog. Long story short, I founded the blog to share my writing with world, but since the creation of RMC, I think there needs to be a shift for BMB, the shift being BMB should be more vulnerable and transparent and more focused on Jesus!

And I hope, if you still want to, you take this journey with me.

Much love,

Brianna Monique


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