I love to tell stories, but probably not as much as I like to think them up. That’s the best part of writing any story. When an event or what someone says births a character in my heart, I am compelled to tell the story that honors the character. A character could be born for any number of reasons… Writing a story could help me heal from my wounded soul and I can hope the story would do the same for another… Or a story could shine light on a perspective not fairly represented. Or a story could be a glance at the future, if society doesn’t get it together and change… A story could work the reverse way too. A story could tell of a future worth fighting for and worth building.

Whether you’re looking for entertainment, inspiration, or you’re here simply out of curiosity… Please enjoy and if you like what you read, hear, or watch… SHARE!

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-BriAnna Monique Williams

On SUNDAYS @ 5 PM EST – #StorySunday – Find an installment to the latest ongoing series. Bussing It is currently featured for #StorySunday.

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On FRIDAYS, once in a blue moon, expect some serious Fan Fiction. Names will be changed and details, of course. Right now you can read “The Split” about two famous people that broke up, and the man got engaged soon after to someone else. The guy is pop star and the woman is a singer and an actress, can you guys who the real people are?

Soon and very soon, on MONDAYS, the blog will feature #ManuscriptMonday. I will post a chapter a week of a book I’m writing and you are free to tell me what you think. All the feedback I can get will be great!

*Here and there expect a post that deviates from a fictional story and is just a blog post about any given topic.