Every Sunday @ 5P EST you can read an installment of a story. The blog went live on the worldwide web in July. Since then,  the blog published stories such as “Ann Taylor-Talmadge’s Lifeline”, “The Swan of Hollywood”, and “Positively Unexpected” have been posted weekly over installments. You can still read “Ann Taylor-Talmadge’s Lifeline” or listen to me read the story out loud through the YouTube link.

Currently, you can read “B/C (Because) of Faith”.

I love to write stories and I want to share that passion with the world.

You can also visit the Emoji-nal Era page and watch an original short I made in college with a great group of talent.

That’s the gist of what this blog is about. You can experience stories and videos out of my brain. Everybody’s mind is unique and different.

May the stories you find here inspire you.

Thanks for stopping by,

-BriAnna Monique Williams