Welcome to my blog. It is my dream to become a traditionally published author. I also dream of acting and making blockbuster movies. Yet, I refuse to sell my soul to do it. For some reason, I get controversial ideas. Really rocky for my faith, which is of the Judeo-Christian persuasion, and for the world system. My compass will always point to the Creator, from a Judeo-Christian lens. Yes, the world can appear to have some gray areas, but I think we build those spots with our in ability to look in the mirror and see the truth for what it is, instead of what we make it.

I do believe I could have become an oceanographer, or a doctor, or even a lawyer. I’m firmly convinced I could pursue any career path I chose because I’m not defined by what I do. I’m not made up of the achievements I accomplish. I am who I am because every day I’m made new in light of what truth reveals.

Some days I’m a liar or insubordinate or kind or generous or all those things and more or none of those things and less. I will never be perfect, but I have a sense of wholeness to the being I am and that is because of my Creator. I cannot sustain this sense of completion without three things: my relationship with Him, living according to His Word, and allowing His Spirit to weigh-in on my judgement calls and lifestyle choices.

Currently, the constitution protects my right of freedom of religion and my freedom of speech. I once read the statement of magazine editor and that editor said that is not the press’s job to print what they think is true but what is true.

Through this blog readers can expect an incredibly biased take on life, but my opinion cannot force anyone to agree with me. And until recently, that’s what I wanted… I wanted what I wrote, what I created to force people to agree with me because I am convinced I know the truth. But due to the recent revelation the Creator gave me, I don’t have the power to make anyone change by what I write. I only have the ability to influence others and I pray that influence leads you to the one person that gives me a reason to wake up every morning.

Truth be told I’m not happy all the time. Truth be told I think my life doesn’t match what I’m capable of. Truth be told my country is in such a rat whole, if I didn’t belong to another world, I’d be done with life. I would have checked out a long time ago.

Of course the person I’m referring to is Jesus the Messiah, the very Jesus that filled the New Testament with quotes, parables, and His life’s work. Because of Him I have the Holy Spirit and I can say the Father knows my name. The Trinity is not three gods but three persons of the same essence and though the Trinity is never mentioned by name, the Trinity is in the Bible, because of the Trinity there is a Bible. Yes, people can be religious, but God cannot be, simply because He is alive, loving, and too amazing for words alone.

Whoever you are, I hope you enjoy what you read or hear here. If you do not believe in God, I pray one day that you do believe in Him, from a Judeo-Christian perspective, because that is the only way to see Him to the fullest of our ability. If you are agnostic, I dare you to pray to God in Jesus’ name anything you want that doesn’t affect anybody’s free will but your own, and it will be answered. If you have a religion but believe mine is wrong, you pray for me, but since I’ve already been praying for you, you will see who Jesus the Messiah is within your life time and then you’ll have to make a choice if you want to believe who He says He is, and that ultimately is your Lord and Savior.

And I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m not short-winded. This is kind of the layout of how my stories read, how I talk, and I don’t get to the point until the very end.

My point being in my greeting, is that above my dreams I want people to be blessed by knowing our Creator. Because of Him I have these dreams and only because of Him my dreams will come true.

Much Love,

BriAnna Monique Williams