Welcome to my blog! I’ll be upfront with you. I can be all over the place at times. I’m starting to take after Facebook lately, and every so-very-often I give the blog a face lift and there IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT about this blog.

I love to write stories and that’s mainly what I share here.

I love Jesus the Messiah more!!! Like, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I love the ONE WHO LEADS MY LIFE! Well, I think this blog will give you a pretty good idea of that truth.

My favorite story I wrote for this blog has it’s own page called “Ann Taylor-Talmadge’s Lifeline”. On that page you can listen to me read it out loud or you can read it on that page.

In 5th grade, my teacher assessed that I had a reading comprehension problem and she put me in this after school program, where we read books out loud to kind volunteers. My volunteer mentor was a beautiful, elegant blonde woman named Kelly. She was a lawyer engaged to a surgeon… does that not sound like straight out of a TV show or made for television movie? Like a pretty lawyer with a handsome doctor? Anyhow, reading children books out loud about the Civil War and Amelia Earhart gave me a passion for reading stories and telling stories. (It also helped me with my acting debut three years later in youth group.) And it was around this time as I developed a decent level of appreciation for reading, I began writing an enormously fell in love with weaving tales that take the imagination into another reality.

I could go on and on, but there is plenty of space in other places on this blog for that!

Here’s what you can expect right now on this blog powered by WordPress:

#StorySunday 5PM EST and/or (something new) #ManuscriptMonday 10PM EST

Occasionally, I’ll post a video I produced (Emoji-nal Era right now) and/or an audio file of me reading one of my stories out loud.

The main takeaway I hope you gain from my blog is INSPIRATION. Dare to dream. Be Inspired. Live life by never quitting and by spreading love.

Thanks for scrolling,

-BriAnna Monique Williams