I love to tell stories, but probably not as much as I like to think them up. That’s the best part of writing any story. When an event or what someone says births a character in my heart, I am compelled to tell the story that honors the character. A character could be born for any number of reasons… Writing a story could help me heal from my wounded soul and I can hope the story would do the same for another… Or a story could shine light on a perspective not fairly represented. Or a story could be a glance at the future, if society doesn’t get it together and change… A story could work the reverse way too. A story could tell of a future worth fighting for and worth building.

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-BriAnna Monique Williams

On SUNDAYS @ 5 PM EST – #StorySunday – Find an installment to the latest ongoing series. Because of Faith is complete now, but can be found in the archives. New #StorySunday begins August 19th, 2018.

*Here and there expect a post that deviates from a fictional story or thought-provoking video and is just a blog post about any given topic.