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Right now, on S T O R Y  S U N D A Y, read weekly installments of “Elle”. Set in the near future, after a second American Civil War, Arielle- aka Elle- made a grave mistake by not listening to her mother. That small act of disobedience gave Elle master control of the world’s potentially most hazardous biological weapon. Elle’s mom takes her and the weapon to safest place to hide, in the heart of the enemy’s territory to hide in plain sight.

Also, for M A N U S C R I P T  M O N D A Y, read a book in the making. Isn’t that basically wattpad? Yeah, it is but when visiting this blog, there are no distractions of other books-in-the-making to steal your focus. Plus, here you are free to comment and offer feedback to the author. Then there’s the fact this place offers a magic that can’t be duplicated!

Fair warning, most content if not all comes from a Judeo-Christian perspective. Jesus the Messiah is the TRUTH, the WAY, the LIFE (John 14:6). Some stories present the Gospel in a way that goes against the church circle norms, but no matter what it looks like in the beginning, trust by the end of each story everything lines up with scripture and honors God’s precepts.

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I’m a woman in my mid-twenties who loves God, loves to act, loves to write, and loves to watch movies and TV Shows. My faith in Christ Jesus is part of my identity, but I hope in real life I don’t come across as pious and preachy. I love people because it’s impossible NOT to, and I believe people can change with the help of the Savior- Messiah Jesus.

I was born in Kalamazoo, MI, but I grew up in Tucson, AZ. Most of my stories are set in Tucson, or Tucson-like places because it is what I know.

My biggest dreams are to publish a book series more popular than Harry Potter and the Hunger Games combined, and yes, I want movies made out of that book series. Other than the storyline being wildly entertaining, I want the story to bring people hope. Of course, you don’t have to question, Messiah Jesus will be somewhere in the story allegorically or literally… We’ll see.

I also want to produce, write, and direct a show on Hulu or some streaming service. This show most definitely will have something to do with God, but I’m not sure in what capacity.

And I want to act in a movie with Anne Hathaway.

Other than these things, there’s not much more to know about me… oh yeah… I write music and sing too. It would be cool to make an album that a lot of people can connect with… OH YEAH! I want to write a Musical too, that will make it to Broadway!

Now will all my dreams come true… I think we have dreams because God purposes them in our heart, but I think for believers they only come to pass when we trust God with reckless abandonment.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy what you find.

Much love,