Welcome to my blog, here you will mainly find fictional stories authored by me. Occasionally, I will share a random post that is not a story. My dream is to become a published author through traditional means, and I believe this blog will help me achieve it. Other than that, my faith is central to who I am and my desire is for as many people as possible to know and to be known by the Creator of All Things: Jesus the Messiah (read the first Chapter of John’s Gospel).

Currently, on Sunday, you can read a section of an ongoing fictional story I’m writing. The very first one I wrote was “Ann Taylor-Talmadge’s Lifeline”, in fact, you can click the tab and read it now! The second, official story I did was “Swan of Hollywood”. That I have taken off the site and I don’t intend to repost it unless I re-write it. The third would be +Positively Unexpected, which I am reposting the revised versions of each section, with my creative-process-notes, every Thursday. “Because of Faith” was my fourth and final one before the fifth series, which is ongoing now- “Bussing It”.

In every single #StorySunday, a pregnancy has been featured. I’ve never been pregnant (yet), but the topic fascinates me! Plus, I’m convinced throwing babies into the mix makes for too-good-to-pass-up-drama.

Pretty soon, I’ll be starting #ManuscriptMonday, where I share a chapter a week of a book I intend to publish. I hope you join me for the journey.

This blog is literally one of the best kept secrets but it’s totally okay to share it with your friends!

Much love,