Who is Worth that “Late Night Chat” to Tru?

I was once part of this Performing Arts Group in College. Our coach straight up gave us real talk on life, dating, following Jesus, you name it. When discussing dating one time, she told us that we should never be chatting via night with someone we like. She suggested by 10 pm, we were done being on the phone with someone we may like, and don’t even give think about responding to them until 8 am.

There are people who are good at planning and setting boundaries and people who are not. Tru North in this instance is very good at planning and setting boundaries. She is a well disciplined person.

I can’t recall whether or not she sets this standard for herself not just with potential suitors but with everyone.

Peter Anderson, Tru’s best friend in the story, is sort of based on a friend I had in my middle school years into adulthood. We started out as purely friends, but over the years, I would form a crush on him. My dream came true and he magically liked me back one day after our college years were up, but I rejected him.

He was an atheist and I cannot be with someone who does not follow Jesus Christ. I loved him dearly. It was painful to say no to him, but my commitment is to Christ Jesus was first and will always be first. Unfortunately, this childhood friend and I no longer talk. Overall, it is probably best, but I still think of him often. I pray occasionally he gets saved, not so I could date him, but that he genuinely ends up in eternity with our Creator forever.

In “A Digital Age Courtship”, though Pete is a boy, he is also Tru’s bestie, so she bends the rules for him. She would do anything for him and he would do anything for her.

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