What does “Legacy” mean to Tru?

A Little Bit About “A Digital Age Courtship”

You may or may not know, that I have this ongoing novel posted on BOOKNET which is like WATTPAD but newer and designed by Russians.

They frequently host contests on there and way back when they had a different name (LITNET), I entered their contest “Campus Romance” or at least I attempted to, I never finished the novel, therefore, I never completely entered the contest.

The idea was inspired by a blend of my desire to court one day and my experience at Bible College (that involved no courting nor dating for me but for many around me).

That being said, the theology that many characters hold in the story was very Word of Faith, New Apostolic Reformation, and Pentecostal, which I now consider BAD, UNSOUND THEOLOGY.

For the longest time I did nothing with the story, but then I made a decision to finish it, but then I got caught up with my blog and well now, by connecting this novel to my blog I have a newfound reason to finish.

This is HUGE because it also means the ending of the story changes to better align and honor Sound Doctrine and Biblical Faith. The story doesn’t fully resolve the heresy but it does present the doctrine of the central characters to be false, which is very important.

Who is Tru?

The star of this story is Gertrude North, who is the youngest, out of four daughters, of TV Evangelist and International Ministry Founder- Abraham North and his best selling author wife and prolific public speaker- Celeste North.

If you know anything about John and Lisa Bevere, the initial concept of the North Family is based on the Beveres. They have an international ministry. They write book after book that are sort of self-help-christianity books. They have four sons and three daughter-in-laws.

[Random fact, I applied to intern at the ministry the Beveres started and got accepted, but I declined it because my dad was dying and I sort of realized they may be false teachers. I’m still somewhat undecided but hey, that is not the upmost important right now.]

However, as I was writing the story, Abe North morphed into a Pentecostal-General-of-the-Faith-type like Rod Parsley (clearly, right) or Kenneth E Hagin or Oral Roberts.

So Gertrude, Tru for short, is this American girl with a very strong Western World Christian Faith. Her love for Jesus is genuine and she desires to make Jesus famous in the earth. Yet, she grew up wealthy and her family generated wealth from ministry, which makes one wonder how ethical is that?

Don’t get me wrong, pastors should make their money from spreading the Gospel, Apostle Paul said so. Yet, many famous American Preachers promote the Prosperity Gospel, which is heresy and that is using God’s name in vain to gain money from the people they deceive and the Bible is very clear to not swindle people out of money and makes preachers who do false teachers.

Though Tru is a sweet girl and the faith she experiences is real for her, not much of it is in agreement with scripture so does that make her saved?


In the Word of Faith Movement and the New Apostolic Reformation Movement, “legacy” is big. Everything they do for the Kingdom of God on the earth, is supposed to last many generations after they die. Centuries from now, if the Lord tarries (with His return), people in the future are supposed to remember the “Great Faith” of the “Generals in the Faith” today like Kenneth Copeland, TD Jakes, Steven Furtick, Bill Johnson, etc. You pick a heretic more than likely they want to be famous well after they’re dead and gone.

If you don’t build a lasting legacy, then you have failed in effectively doing work for the Kingdom of God, is the mindset of these deceived believers.

“What does LEGACY mean to Tru?”

Tru gives up a lot to go the Bible College her mother attended and graduated from. Tru does this based on her twisted sense of doctrine and feels that by going to this Bible College, which is like this special anointed place ordained by God for people to kickstart their God-given purpose, she will be equipped and prepared to fulfill her calling in Christ Jesus and live out her destiny like her parents. In the back of her mind, she also somewhat convinced this place is where she will meet her future husband.

For Tru, going to the Bible College is the beginning of her “legacy“. By focusing on her “legacy”, she adds to her father’s “legacy“, and her entire family. That her success becomes their success and further proves they are expanding the Kingdom of God on the earth.

Another random fact, back when I was at Valor, I worked for Breakthrough Ministries as a TV Admin/Production Assistant. Ashton Parsley had a TV show called: Seriously?! And one summer, for Dominion Camp Meeting (a conference based on terrible doctrine) the theme was LEGACY. I was given the task of helping the producers come up with questions to propose to Ashton for when she interviewed guests from the conference to be on a special edition of her TV show.

I was gunning to be one of Ashton’s producers and eventually running her TV Department one day, so I did not take this task lightly, based on my proposed questions and her final input, she started asking interviewees, “What does LEGACY mean to you?” and that is where the title for this DAY 1 post came from.

Below is the link to read Chapter 1 of “A Digital Age Courtship” on Booknet.

If you’re not familiar with my exposĂ© on Rod Parsley and his heretical ministry, please search for “Confessions of a Valor Alumna” on this website and you’ll find all the articles and videos related to this subject and one of the main driving forces why the ending of “A Digital Age Courtship” needed to be different.

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