To “Leave Thy Mother” can be hard.

Well, it’s the end of the road. Our “17 Days of Courting” have officially come to an end. Hopefully, by now, you’re invested enough to finish the saga of Tru on Booknet.

Again, I apologize for any typos you come across. I wrote the Booknet Novel entirely without assistance from either of my editors. I have gone over chapters and I continue to still go over chapters. Each time, I catch new typos and grammatical errors. However, over 35,000 people have viewed the story on Booknet, those who commented, gave a lot of positive feedback… over 35,000 people didn’t mind the typos. They probably did mind how long it has taken me to publish this book. On things like Bookneet and Wattpad I don’t think you can take this long to complete a novel… I think. I have no idea.

Yes, more chapters to come for “A Digital Age Courtship”. I have 33 chapters in all planned, we will see if I stick to that, at this rate, I think I will.

You will see in Chapter 19, which character from “A Digital Age Courtship” is most likely to end up in “Steeple/Colder”. I would share with you now, but I don’t want to give too much away. If you want to guess before Chapter 19 comes out on Booknet, fill out the form below, in the message box input which character you think appears in “Steeple/Colder” and if you guess right first, you will win a free eGiftcard to Starbucks. This contest is NOT in partnership with Starbucks, it is just something I am doing.

Chapter 19 will post on Booknet on May 8th, 2021, at midnight MST/AZ, USA. You have until May 7th, 2021 at 11:59 pm MST/AZ, USA, to send in your guess.

This chapter also explores how much Jordan really loves Tru. Does he believe Tru about how his mother treated her or does he take his mother’s side. If you recall in the last chapter, his mother was very nasty to Tru.

Here, in Chapter 17, some moments unfold, really solidifying Jordan and Tru as a couple. And it’s really beautiful.

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