The “Rules of Engagement”.


Tru gets into it with her future mother-in-law!

Again, I feel like I was a little lazy with this one. A lot of dialogue, so much that it could be a script, but it’s a story.

Jordan’s mother, Ruthie, is your typical two-faced-ministry-celebrity. She knows how to play the good, Christian, spiritual mother and she comes across as very genuine, but in a heartbeat, she’ll flash her snake eyes to bend you to her will if she sees you as a threat to her goals.

There was no real life person that inspired Ruthie. I made her up all on my own.

Yet, we can’t totally villainizer her. She’s convinced that her entire life from herself to her husband to her children and to those after her, she has to build a “legacy”, and if everyone isn’t serving in ministry and honoring the Lord then she fails in her mission to build a “legacy”. If she doesn’t produce a “legacy” on the Earth to glorify God’s Kingdom then she spiritually failed in her lifetime and not only will God’s Kingdom now suffer, eternity will be impacted by less people or whatever because her earthly “legacy” failed.

It’s really the bad doctrine that drives Ruthie to be this unbearable monster-in-law. Then again, we American have access to a Bible, and reading the Word is the #1 prevention aide in rejecting or escaping heresy. I guess, there is some fault, on Mrs. Ruthie Cross.

I know I wrote this chapter, but I’m really proud of Tru sticking her ground and sticking up for herself to Jordan’s mom.

Often, in these heretical movements people can be pushovers and just because someone is famous for their gifting it translates as more “anointed” and it allows people to be bullied by the “anointed someones”. These celebrity Christian leaders can be awful to people and the very people being mistreated will create excuses for why the leaders behave in very ungodly ways. It’s revolting and depressing but most people caught up in these heretical movements don’t know any better.

I hope I didn’t give too much away for this chapter, enjoy!

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