Jude Priestly Journals, Entry 13

June 13th, Year 2 of the Vow

Nike was stubborn like an a, she was stubborn like a donkey at times.

I wasn’t letting her go anywhere without me. I stood in her way, in front of the side door in the kitchen that led to a little pathway to the driveway.

She said, “Honey, move aside. Stevo’s expecting me.”

“I’m not ready yet. I’m coming with you,” I said.

She let out a half sigh, half chuckle as she hung her head back. Repositioning her head upright, she said, “Since when did you become a comedic? If the Lord smote me, you’d still not be going.”

I’ll admit, I got fiery angry with her. How dare she act like she could tell me what to do, like she ran the show in our household. I don’t like to pull rank as the head of it; I preferred we made choices together, but this was a mission that included both of us, or neither of us.

Before I could make my case, we got an intrusive visitor, Rafael, the angel. 

I really wasn’t sure if he was an archangel or not. I mean, I think the first time I journaled about him I called him that, but I don’t know. I’ve learned, since there isn’t much in scripture about angels, our terms and ideas about them are mainly wrong.

He appeared in the room as calm as a faint breath of air, towering behind Nike. Hera was smiling and babbling about Rafael, while Nike cautiously turned around to face the angelic host. As usual, he just looked like a super tall man. His outfit was no different than last time: a tunic, sash, and belt that holstered his sword.

Mother couldn’t see him anymore. She disavowed. But she could sense something was in the room, a presence that wasn’t evil.

“I think it is time for Hera and I to get ready for our day,” Mother said as she collected Hera in her arms. She walked straight through Rafael as she crossed the threshold to the staircase to head upstairs.

Rafael wasn’t phased at all. Attached to the spiritual realm, he couldn’t feel anything in the physical. 

The reason humans could feel or sense spiritual beings, was because humans were God’s creation bringing what was spiritual into physical form. Unfortunately, the flesh was corrupted by sin after humanity fell in the Garden, killing every human spiritually. The only way to be regenerated in one’s spirit was to become born-again through the Holy Spirit, by believing and confessing Jesus Christ was Lord. And even salvation didn’t separate us from our sin nature, but it made it possible to escape the bondage of sin through grace and to choose not to give into temptation. One day, when in eternity with Christ, we will be free from sin and persecution from Satan; but until then we hold faith in Christ, whose work on the cross forgave our sins– past, present, and future and reconciled us to the Father to walk in the Spirit with God through obeying the Lord’s commandments.

“You both will go. The Lord assures Janessa is where Stevo’s intel suggests. I am here to assist,” Rafael said.

Would have been nice to have supernatural assistance back in December. I thought the Lord told us to go find Jenessa first and then rescue Hera. I was wrong. God didn’t speak to me. A lying spirit did. A lying spirit conjured and used on me by Caitlin’s coven. The sick part was that they used Caitlin as a vessel to channel the lying spirit. Really not sure how that worked. I didn’t then and I don’t know now. I don’t care to understand how they were able to use her. But I’m pretty sure that was the reason Caitlin abandoned our daughter, disappearing to who knew where.

All I know was that God allowed deceiving spirits to misguide us to test our hearts. The information mother and father got indicated we should have spent our resources and time rescuing Hera, since we had nothing on Jenessa. We should have waited until we got more information.

As scriptures attest, our hearts are wicked and deceitful. There were times we thought God was speaking to us, inwardly and directly to our soul, the part we describe as the heart, but that can’t be trusted as much as scripture can be.

June 15th, Year 2 of the Vow

We arrived at Stevo’s current set up, an empty warehouse, in Downtown Remington Heights, OH.

It didn’t take long to travel there, being translated by Rafael from our home by the lake to Stevo’s place.

“That felt like nothing.” I was surprised.

“Why would it feel like anything?” Rafael questioned. “Humans, so focused on sensations attached to experiences.”

“Why would the Lord permit you to translate us?” Nike asked.

I could only think of one account in scripture, when a disciple was physically taken from one region and transported– or as scripture reads: translated– to another. Philip was able to preach the Gospel to an Ethiopian Eunuch, who he baptized after he received Christ as Savior.

“I didn’t translate you. I hold no power over humans submitted to the LORD.” That was Rafael’s way of saying we were translated by the Spirit of God.

There was a group of angels, fallen angels of course, that became gods in their own eyes and deceived millions of souls daily. They especially like to deceive the elected, those called by Christ to be the church. They operated in fake charismata gifts of the Holy Spirit and led about 600 million people around the world into thinking their demonic activity was God restoring the apostolic gifts and that their circus show was the display of miracles, signs, and wonders. They gave people fake babel tongues, convulsions, moaning, uncontrollable laughter, heat sensations moving through their body, prophetic dreams by divination spirits that were accurate, healings, limb growths, appearance of gold dust, feathers in the air, minerals like jewels appearing out of nowhere… the list went on…

They did similar things in gnosticism, hinduism, new age beliefs, and witchcraft. 

This group of demons got humanity to be self-absorbed and addicted to a sensual experience, tricking their minds to believe in demonic doctrine or the concoction of one’s own imagination. They further separated people from the truth of the Gospel. 

Since Rafael stayed with the LORD, during the split when Satan was cast out of heaven with a third of the angels, he strictly listened to the commands of the LORD.

A garage door, large enough to fit a semi truck through, automatically opened. The door stopped at about 6 feet. Enough room for us to walk through into the dark, unlit space. Thankfully, our night vision kicked in. True, according to scripture, Samson didn’t have night vision, but for some reason we Modern-Day Nazarites got it. It comes in handy when fighting in the dark.

I’d never met Stevo before. I knew Nike worked with him a lot in her early days and she spoke highly of him. I was curious to meet him. For some reason, a little jealousy stirred in my heart over this guy. In the past three months, Stevo saw my wife more than me, and any man hanging out with my wife more than me is bothersome.

“Well,” said a smooth male voice from above us. We heard a clap, which caused the area we stood in to light up. The sudden change in light stung the eyes a bit. We looked up and saw a man with a lime green mohawk and punk rocker wardrobe– yes, I’m talking tight leather pants, steel toe, spiky boots, a fishnet tank top, glove-like arm warmers, and tattoos all over him, even on his face. A couple spirits hung around him closely– like lust and drunkenness. He didn’t look like a rotting corpse though, so he did know the Lord with a regenerated spirit.  He looked down at us, bent over the railing of a stoop that led to an upper level. The door was behind him.

“You got here fast. And you finally brought Jude!” Stevo sounded excited to meet me.

We met him at the top of the stairs and followed him through the metal door to the upper level of the warehouse. 

“I can’t believe I’m breathing the same air as an Abadi. My grandfather told me stories about your great grandparents and the missions they went on. They fought against this Voodoo High Priest in the Bayou in early America and literally stopped a whole slew of human sacrifices.”

Stevo’s last name was Leibermann, with two n’s. Abadi was my mother’s maiden last name. She didn’t talk about her side of the family at all. I just know they were pretty traditional, even though they believed in Jesus. They didn’t pick father to be her betrothed. Sounded like the Abadis were some baddies, in a cool way.

This was the part Stevo bragged about himself. He was another descendant of Modern-Day Nazarites, but he never took the Vow. His big sister did. He was her record keeper, so she didn’t have to keep her own journal. She still journaled herself, but he spruced up her entries and kept a separate log book that would be easy for her descendants to look back on one day. When we asked him why he never took the Vow, he answered, “I love punk rock too much.”

It was true the Vow made you more sensitive to the Spirit at work behind everything, but believers had a level of discernment too, when they stayed grounded in the Word. That explained why the spirits of lust and drunkenness were still tethered to him.

The Samuelson sure did know who to slum it with for reconnaissance. I know, what a judgy thing for me to write.

He took us to a state of the art room filled with fancy computers and tech that could probe into the lives of every person on the planet. He was like a spy analyst/hacker on the deep web. The room had a sweet speaker system set up to blast his devil music while he worked away all day in here.

I thought for sure his name was Steven or Stephen, but no, legally his name was Stevo… yep, like that one, famous for stupid things, person.

“Jenessa is with a foster family in Old Pueblo, Arizona. She’s been there all this time. She was never in Roja, California. She goes by Jessica now. The Landeta Family, whom she is with,  are Christians. She’s never been contacted by anyone who practices witchcraft. She’s so sincere in her walk with Christ, she doesn’t watch any television, nor read any fictional books. She serves in her church weekly, volunteers with nonprofits that help the homeless, and she’s never dated or been in a room alone with a boy. She has zero social media accounts. She sings and plays piano. She’s basically an angel. The family wants to adopt her but Jenessa declined several of their offers, believing her sister will come for her one day,” Stevo explained.

A perfect Christian virgin who never knew a harsh life. She was exactly what the Vampira Coven wanted her to be. Once they got a hold of her, they would break her faith and offer her as bride to the evil one. That was how Ha Satan prefered most of his high ranking sorcery ladies. 

“Where is Caitlin?” Nike asked.

“From what I could find on all the aliases you gave me, she’s currently hanging out as Lizbet in Russia. Working as a waitress at a high end restaurant. She lives in a studio apartment and keeps to herself. She occasionally goes to church, never the same one.”

“Who is keeping tabs on us?” Nike followed with another question.

“Gunther Brosch, former servant of Anabella. He knew you were back at the beach house. My sources give no indication he wants Hera now, because she can’t lead. He needs someone ready to reign the coven now. He did figure out you were looking for Jenessa and he wanted to follow you to her, but somehow you lost him. How did you do that?”

I forgot he couldn’t see the angel in the room.

Simultaneously, Nike and I said, “The LORD helped us.”

“God is good.” Stevo said.

“All the time.” Nike said.

“All the time.” I said.

“God is good.” Stevo said again.

How churchy of us.

“This is pretty much all the intel I got. By the looks of things, I don’t think you need to reach out to her. I don’t see the coven finding her, but if you make contact with her, Gunther might,” Stevo shared.

A monitor on the wall showed Nike’s sisters standing where we first showed up outside. They were looking for a way to get in.

“The rest of the clan is here!” Stevo said excitedly.

“Then we’ll just have to take Gunther out. Can you run the odds to see how likely the Vampira Coven is to rise up with Gunther gone?” Nike asked.

“Yeah, but that will take a few days.” Stevo said. 

“Here, sit and look over the data, I’ll go let your sisters in.” Stevo gave up his swivel chair at his high-tech desk and Nike took his seat.

She wasted no time skimming through his archives on his computer. Stevo left us to get the ladies.

The next few days were interesting, and that was an understatement.

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