This Month and Early 2021

As you may have noticed, this is not a Jude Priestly Journals Post. A lot like a TV Show, there will be breaks here and there between each year of the Vow in the story until we reach a good … Continue reading This Month and Early 2021

New Supernatural Series!

I’m excited to share the details about a new saga to embark upon this lovely blog! THE JUDE PRIESTLY JOURNALS is COMING SOON! Picture Samson from the Bible living in our modern world. Except, unlike just retelling a biblical story in today’s context, I was really just inspired by Nazarites and my imagination got the best of me. Now, let me clarify, in NO WAY do I think there are modern day Nazarites like Samson. Nor do think demon slayers are necessary when we have the Holy Spirit and the Name of Jesus. Like, if you’re a believer and you’re … Continue reading New Supernatural Series!