“Sifting Through the Crowd”

In the Word of Faith/New Apostolic Reformation crowd, many folks friend you over association to “anointing” not because they want to be your friend. That whatever you’re “anointed” to do and however “oily” you are, that holy magic will overflow and touch those around you and make all their kingdom dreams come true!

PKs or “Preacher Kids” in these movements have to “sift the crowd” because more often than not the people that friend them want something from them. Frequently, people will settle for being member of their circle because that tells the congregants they are special because they’re friends with the Holy Man of God’s or Holy Woman of God’s kid!

Tru in the story is leery of people who want to be her new BFF because of her famous ministry family. This chapter really explores the paradigms between her and other characters such as her roommates and whether or not she can really trust them.

When I wrote this chapter, I was 100% thinking about Ashton Blaire Parsley. It was weird. I didn’t want to be friends with her. I was very afraid of her. Yet, I thought I was told by God to partner with her and get kingdom business done! But ask many students who appear on the Valor campus, many feel that way. Numerous occasions in chapel or at assembly or in service she commented that her life was like a fish bowl, she was trapped inside, and people were always watching. Her bite (of a personality) most likely was the result of how she was raised and the false doctrine she was taught that prevent true improvement to her character but for people who got close to her (I was not one of those people), had a lot of empathy and compassion for her. I was told by a few people she highly regarded me, but she probably doesn’t now… given that on social media I called her father a heretic and I don’t recommend people should go to Valor… not if you love Jesus Christ anyhow. If you love Rod Parsley and false doctrine like WOF/Prosperity Gospel/Pentecostalism/Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing— by all means, go there, you’ll fit right in.

I wanted to capture that fish-bowl-life-feeling. Why you may ask? Well, as I typed this chapter I was convinced that if I won the competition and somehow got a book deal, I could get more book deals, become a best selling author, donate 1 million dollars to Valor College and someday be invited back to the ministry to establish the purposes of God there.

I know, I was very deceived. I’m beyond grateful the Lord has saved me from all that. He is a good and gracious and merciful God!

I hope you enjoy Chapter 4 as much as I had writing it!

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