“Only the Beginning” for Jordan and Tru.

Now we’re getting to the exiting part in the story… the romance!

We learn something weird about Vera, but it seems like a joke. You’ll probably pick up on it after reading this bonus content. Sorry for the kinda-sorta-spoiler, but not sorry???

There’s really not much to unpack about this chapter other than the installment changes everything. Without this chapter there would be no “courtship” and I’d have to title the book “Tru at College” or something.

What I like about this chapter is that we see Tru at her home where she grew up. We see her in a place she’s feels the safest. She’s around her sisters, who she’s extremely close. Though Vera is the second youngest, the one born right before her, and these two feel as close as twins.

Though, Chapter 12, proves the time apart has inserted this distance between them where they can’t quite bridge that gap.

The chapter is pretty short so there isn’t much to write on, without giving too much away.

I guess, if you’re family with the Tucson area, Oro Valley is right outside the city limits, and that’s sort of where I pictured the North Family home being located. There in Oro Valley, or the Catalina Foothills area, which is like the Beverly Hills of Tucson, AZ. We’re talking money area. Both gorgeous areas preserving the landscape of the Sonoran Desert while using a lot of cash to make the houses and the buildings look Western-Chic.

Remember, Dr. Abe North is a millionaire from his multi-million dollar ministry. Tucson doesn’t really gave a mega-church. We have some big evangelical churches that may be considered mega-churches now, but I don’t know. They don’t promote heresy yet, but they’re getting dangerously close to doing so. And no, not all massively big churches promote heresy, I feel like most do. That’s my personal opinion.

Since Abe North is a TV Evangelist and Best Selling Author that promotes a gospel that Jesus wants to heal you from the common cold and make you super wealthy, Abe North in the story is a heretic. His promotion of a false gospel pays for the fancy house he lives, and the fancy things he buys his family.

Now originally, when I set out to write the character Abe North, I didn’t intend to make him the heretical bad guy, but it was easy to do once I became aware of the truth do so, and I hardly had to tweak the character at all. That’s because ANYONE who teaches the Prosperity Gospel, or Word of Faith Doctrine, or New Apostolic Reformation Doctrine is a false teacher. They can teach 60%-90% of the truth, but the moment they dilute the gospel and make it something it is not, is using the Lord’s name in vain, and that is the most terrible thing a person can do.

“A Digital Age Courtship” could easily be used to mock how sincere people, who are deceived, pursue God, but it isn’t. In the first 13 Chapters, they were written with me holding to the same beliefs or fresh out of getting freed from deception myself. My deepest sympathies go out to people who still follow heretical ministries.

And if you follow my blog, or pay any attention to this story, and you’re pentecostal, Assemblies of God, Word of Faith believing, Full-Gospel, NAR (Bethel and IHOPKC supporters), then I’m going to tell you the harsh truth you’re following heresy. This is a matter of denomination disagreements, and though some can be pretty accurate with doctrine, they hold to some essential doctrine that is not biblical or not a correct interpretation of scripture. They also portray a false perception of Jesus that isn’t scriptural (well most pentecostals get Jesus right, until the Baptism of Fire part).

I hope you enjoy this next chapter of “A Digital Age Courtship”.

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