“Of Romeos & Juliets”

Chapter 5 in a “A Digital Age Courtship” was primarily inspired by literature.

Clearly, the Bard— Mr. William Shakespeare himself was a muse as well as John Steinbeck with “Of Mice and Men”. Hence, the title “Of Romeos & Juliets”.

There’s nothing deep to the extension of the inspiration. The play “Romeo and Juliet” is referenced and I really just like the title of Steinbeck’s book and how smooth that little book is to read, and those reasons are why the chapter got the name that it did.

Tru is passionate about acting. She dreams of going to Hollywood and winning the city and industry for Jesus. Therefore, honing the craft is everything to her because her destiny in God depends on making it as an actress.

This chapter also unpacks layers to the bond she’s beginning to form with Jordan Cross. Jordan who turns out to be a significant character later on, if you catch my drift.

I myself am an actress and therefore, incorporating that into any story I write is a thrill! I didn’t study acting too much in school but for others I know who did, took study time quite seriously. I took note of that in this chapter.

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