Emoji-nal Era

That Light Bulb Flicker Moment

The concept for this short came to me last November. I heard someone say emojinal and that word never left my head, which sparked my creativity to venture down a path that led to the following video below. I am so proud of this production because of the sweat I made, the tears I cried, the fret I conjured, the prayer I did begging on my knees, and the risks I took to get this project done.

I had an amazing team to work with and all of it would not be possible without them. We were all college students when we made the project and everyone was gracious to help fulfill my dream. And that I am forever grateful for them and owe them big time.

It is my core dream to make movies that the entire world will see in theaters one day, but until that dream becomes reality, I would like to share this with you. I desire that you enjoy the short and that the short inspires you to pursue your dream and make that dream come true.

Emoji-nal Era Synopsis

A college girl who lives in a world where everyone communicates on their cell phone using emojis only. They do not look at each other or talk to each other face to face, /even when in the same room. After living through another day in her emojinal life, the college student finally finds her voice when she is forced to question the purpose of her life.

Thank you for watching. Expect to see more videos soon! Much love,

—BriAnna  Monique Williams