Brianna-Monique Narrates

Many say I got the voice for radio… others have said I got a voice that fits in the Morgan Freeman category… Why make the world wait any longer for such vocal talent to be exercised?

I’m proud to announce “Brianna-Monique Narrates”! A podcast where I narrate stories to you… The best part is that they are stories you can read right here on the blog!

The first one was “The Lifeline of Ann-Taylor Talmadge”, which was fitting because it was the first story featured on the blog! The only way to experience that story now is by listening to it on the BMN Podcast.

Now, you can listen to “Bussing It- Part 1”. Yes, in the time the rest of the series will be up there. Listen to a sound bite here:

Nine more installments to go! After that, we shall see what awaits in the wonderful world of narration!

Check out the first two BMN podcasts below:

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