Break a Leg at “Auditions”!

Theatre found me at age 13, in church youth group. First performance onstage was met with a standing ovation. I felt like I was a puzzle piece finally finding where I fit in the grand picture of life.

To this day, the place I feel where I belong is on a stage performing theatre. Some would think writing would be the creative-outlet-fix for me. But writing doesn’t come that naturally to me. I think I’m more the storyteller who learned how to write.

Great writers live by that notion to “write what you know”, and I don’t know everything there is to know about acting, but I feel like I know enough.

Tru in “A Digital Age Courtship” isn’t a semi-autobiographical character. Yes, she’s biracial, and yes, Jesus is her number one, and yes, she went to Bible College on faith… big similarities with my life, but there are so many aspects to Tru that are not like me.

She has sisters and she is the baby of the family. She has the pressure of being part of a celebrity ministry family. She wants to pursuing acting as a career, I have not pursued acting as a career… The list goes on but why bore you with such details.

Making Tru an actress is true to her character. She used to dealing with the celebrity lifestyle, yet she doesn’t want to do ministry the same way her family has done ministry.

Hollywood is appealing to Tru because Christians call it, “Hell on Earth”. Bethany Hamilton, the “Soul Surfer” even though she strongly dislikes being referred to by that term, said it was nightmare for her family to work with Hollywood making the movie “Soul Surfer”. They had to fight to keep a Bible in scenes. Helen Hunt refused to mention Jesus, which makes sense being Jewish and all. She said it was by far the worst experience of her life and she would never do it again.

Don’t tell anyone, but I really want to make a TV show inspired by her and her husband, dramatized of course, and at the end of each episode, have like a 3 minute video interviewing the real couple discussing what it was like facing in real life the circumstances faced in that episode. I think it would be epic! I think it would be a great way to show real Christianity in Hollywood… if Bethany Hamilton’s theology is sound, I really haven’t dived deep to explore that…? Anyhow, I would love to do this and I would totally recast Annasophia Robb as Bethany Hamilton simply because of the movie to draw back the same fanbase. Also, I think she’s an incredibly underrated actress and I would write Emmy Gold for her. Of course, I would be one of the leading writers of this show. I wouldn’t direct it because I have a lot to learn and I got no idea how to be a showrunner, so there’s that!

This chapter explores what every actor struggles with, well in my opinion, and that is each actor is their own biggest critic. Tru auditions not feeling adequate for any role, especially the lead. Which is nuts because she had a scholarship to a State School to study Theatre! That alone is already extraordinary.

The romance between Tru and Jordan got a lot of headway in the last chapter, but this chapter serves as a good bridge, if I’m recalling things correctly? Or is that the next chapter?

I hope you enjoy this installment.

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