“A Digital Age Courtship” explained.

Did you ever see that movie “Life Itself”?

The creator of the hit TV Show “This Is Us” wrote and director the film mentioned above.

Critics trashed the movie.

I’ll admit the movie should have been called, “Death Itself” or “If Life Had Bob Dylan Write Its Soundtrack”.

I know, for myself, I listen to music when I write. I have to be careful sometimes what I listen to because how the music makes me feel can impact what I’m writing or can distract me or can inspire a whole new idea in me while I’m working on one concept.

The creator tries to use a lot of tool in a writers tool kit to tell the story he is telling and like it was a huge risk and his execution of what he tried was a failure.

For the most part, I agreed with the critics, and I rarely ever side with them.

However, I think there were pockets of genius in the film and in the large grand scheme of what the movie was trying to convey, I loved the creator’s intentions.

Olivia Wilde, hands down one of my favorite actresses ever, has a monologue where the title of film came from or the monologue was written with the film title in mind, IDK, but it was a beautiful monologue and Wilde does a phenomenal job!

Well, Chapter 14 is my Olivia Wilde monologue “Life Itself” moment. I made this chapter to explain why I named the book what I did, but I do it subtly.

I remember, when I decided a year ago or more to finish this novel that I started writing in 2018. I shared it for the first time on my personal Facebook Timeline, and people thought my book was a romance where the couple dated online. There’s nothing wrong with that, but that was not the case for the title.

Like, when people think about this time in history, it most likely will be referred to as the “Digital Age” much like ancient times like the “Dark Ages” or the “Bronze Age” or more recent old times like the “Victorian Era”. Two people are courting in the “Digital Age” which is mostly unheard of in the American Western Culture. Not uncommon in Christian circles, but “courting” is really just “dating seriously” in most modern Christian circles and not a true definition of “courting”, which is fine!

There’s also a time jump with this chapter and those are always fun in stories!

I hope you enjoy this installment!

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