Who knew a pandemic would be this relaxing? People must stay at least six feet apart. Every student was forced to learn online. Places that were once disgusting and grody were the cleanest they have ever been. Plus, hand sanitizer galore! Hand sanitation centers were at the front, throughout, and the back of the stores. The only thing a little impossible for me to do- was the face mask. 

I thought my germophia-self would love it. And she did on so many levels.

Autistic-self however, couldn’t handle it. Even if the mask was covered in Creek Virtue graphics on a fan-girl high. Mom and dad special ordered me like a ton of masks with Creek Virtue’s symbol, some of the masks were designs of her doing her best action moves…like all super cool stuff.

Then again, all I had to do, when I walked into a store and they told me a mask was required, I just told people I’m austistc. For a long pause, it was sort of awkward, but then like I boast about my love and use of lots and lots of hand sanitizer and the employee who tried to mask me just lets me escape into the store to be a ticking time-bomb to infect innocent shoppers in the store with the virus!

I don’t really miss school. No need to wear my noise-cancelling headphones. No need to sit in a special classroom. Like, I have the highest GPA at my school and I’m in every AP class offered, but I get easily distracted by scents, colors, odd noises, and I can’t have the headphones on in class out of a matter of safety. My parents and the principle agreed a self-containment classroom was best suited for me. I’m not really a self-contained-kind-of-student but surprisingly such a classroom gave me the freedom I needed to crush my grades.

One class where I could handle the crowd, and the terrible noises because of my love for music superseded my issues: and that was choir. Perfect pitch, I got it, and when the choir was off I shrieked inside, but I could also project the loudest so when someone was off I drowned them out until they got on key.

I think that was definitely a con to this whole pandemic-thing. No choir.

Pro: I see more of my best friend- Rion.

With there being no basketball practice I’m sure it was a con for Rion, but for me, no. There lacked the factor of: high-school-clique-social-norms, where jocks only hung out with other jocks and cheerleaders. Rion came over every day and on the weekend.

Of course, I’m helping him with all his class work, but I seriously don’t mind. He reminded me all the time that I was his only true friend who was brutally honest. Truth-telling was rare in his circles. 

The church bells of St. Petersburg blares from my smartphone on the bathroom sink counter. It’s 7:55 am. In five minutes, Rion will be ringing the doorbell with his laptop and his army green messenger bag with the frayed canvas strap. I feel like everything I’ve tried with my hair today makes me uglier and uglier. I even washed it this morning, but all that did was make it smell pretty.

All the girls Rion dates have long hair and always wore it down. I hate wearing my hair down, but if I plan on becoming his girlfriend I have to be willing to compromise.


I think I was watching a movie and a character, who was a writer, said “all the best material is based on real people”.

I once attended a church with the most charming little boy with autism who had a very close friend who was girl… that was destined to grow up to be a popular girl.

I flipped the genders because frankly autism in women is finally gaining traction with bringing awarness.

This concept for this story line isn’t anything new. I think the only thing unique will be the element of faith.

This preview is so tiny because this is all I have right now. It is so tiny I didn’t even ask my wonderful editor to look it over.

If you want to see more of this story, email me at to let me know.

I need to do more research. Autism is nothing to be cliche about… Plus culturally, I think we’re okay if a neuro-typical woman dated an atypical man, but reversed we’d think the man is taking advantage of the woman. But what if too childhood friends fell in love, and one was autistic and the other wasn’t?

I’m sure this is a real couple out there somewhere in the world!

But I’ll probably never meet them, so I’ll write about the fictional version in my head… maybe… and if I do, more isn’t coming until 2021.

Much love,


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