NEW SEGMENT – Living Life in Christ

Ello everyone!

Yes, sometimes I pretend to be Brizahna, who is British…

Anyhoo, I’m happy to announce that I will start to write articles about the practical realities of living life in Christ Jesus, as a member of the Church.

Now, I only took two years of Bible College and I only started really living for Christ Jesus at the age 18… I’m not nearly qualified to tell anyone how to live for the LORD.

My purpose is to inspire others to do one of two things: START following the LORD JESUS CHRIST or GET SERIOUS about following the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

By non-believers, Christians are stereotyped into categories like: judgmental, hypocritical, hurtful, backwards, racist, etc. And Christians criticize each other. We say we’re holding each other accountable according to the Word of God, but really, we’re judging each other according to denomination and to doctrine.

Enough is enough. Vulnerability and transparency can only take the Church so far. We’re called to be holy because God is holy and well… genuinely following God can make us appear like we come from another world. Often as believers, we must make the tougher choice by the world’s standards. However, I would like to take a journey and see if the things of God actually can become one’s desires instead of one’s obligations.

Jesus gave two commandments: 1) Love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul, and with all your strength. 2) Love your neighbor as yourself.

Then Jesus said if we loved Him, we would obey His commandments.

Scripture says we love God because He first loved us. The Word of God also says God is love. Paul the Apostle said faith is nothing if we do not love. James, Jesus’s half-brother, said that faith without works is dead. The entire purpose of our faith is to be known by God and to know God, therefore, love is at the center and true love is found in Christ.

Based on the Bible alone, it is evident love isn’t always a good-feeling… in fact, love can bring joy, but most of the time real love is sacrificial, selfless, protective, absolute, about community, and a call to action.

I’m hopeful this segment will encourage the Body of Christ to anticipate the day the LORD returns for a second time. That in everything we do, we are determined to do the Father’s Will much like Jesus only lived to please the Father. Not just in action, but in our thoughts. To the point our entire being is whole in Christ.

Granted, we’ll never reach perfection in this life, but how long will we excuse our lack of discipline and lust for worldly desires with the “I’m only human” card? Yes, we may be human, but, now that we are born-again, we have a new nature not the old one. We share the divine nature of Christ (read the Letter to Ephesus). No, we’re not exactly like Jesus, but thanks to grace, we have been given this supernatural ability to say no to sin and yes to a Christ-like nature that allows us to live in a way that pleases God. (Again, read the Letter to the Ephesians.)

If we spent our entire lives following God’s lead and continuously being changed from the inside out, how different would our families look? Our neighborhoods, our states, or even our country?

And I’m not talking about doing all the right things according to the Word of God to prove outwardly we are believers, or to do things right to please God. But in Hebrews, the Word reads that only faith pleases God. And we know works don’t save us (read the Letter to the Romans), but faith must have works to showcase sincerity. That means when we read the Bible, we believe what we read so deeply that we are compelled to live a life that displays we wholeheartedly agree with scripture and we take the Word of God as spoken by God Himself.

Granted, the Bible is hard to understand at times because it has been translated so many times, and it was written in another era, and it belongs to a culture so opposite of the Modern, Western World. That is where teachers of the Word and the Holy Spirit come in and help us. But if sermons and scripture is just used enough to pick us up out of sorrow and/or despair, to perk up our psyche enough so we can live our lives to chase our dreams and our desires, then we have missed our purpose in Christ Jesus.

Like, don’t get me wrong. God cares for us and He desires to give us things we want, but our first priority should be living our lives in a way that will honor Him. And even if we desire anything more than connection and community to our God first and foremost, then let God take those things away!

I could go on forever, but I’ll conclude on this note… Our lives belong to God. We cannot treat God like He is the nutritional boost of wheatgrass to our smoothie life. More likely God is the smoothie and we more resemble the wheatgrass… He is the purpose and the point of life. We don’t find true meaning to our lives apart from Him. That is why we must be living our lives in Christ.

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