A New Chapter on BookNet.Com

So… remember that novel I’m writing on a site like WattPad called LitNet.Com… not DOT ORG. Actually, I just found out it is called BookNet now. The ORG LitNet must have threatened to sue, lol! Well, I have finally updated some chapters. Hopefully, I’ll finish this thing soon. This is the first story I planned out in great detail and it’s still taking me forever to write. Finish what you start, right?

Stephen King says if you don’t finish an idea in 3 months, trash it and move on… That explains the feel of his work to me now. I feel like there are holes in the plot, that the conclusion is rushed. I will give him one thing though… He is SO CREATIVE and he takes his work seriously. I just pray he gets it right with Jesus and gives his inner demons over to our Savior. Some of his things I can’t read, though you can tell church influenced him a lot. The devil or a devil-like character play such a central theme in all his books.

That tidbit of info was random!

A Digital Age Courtship is about a young lady that is a PK to a famous TV Preacher Dad and a Traveling Minister Mom, and goes to college and falls in love unexpectedly. The story is about her little courtship. I hope you enjoy it! Check out the links below.

Here is the link for the latest chapter:


Here is the link to start from the beginning:


Much love,

Brianna-Monique Williams


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