All New JESUS STORIES – April Edition

Hello all!!!

Today, is the day… JSP (Jesus Stories Podcast) is fresh.

JSP - PH - Promo 2 - IG Feed

Paige Harp and I met in bible college and I am grateful to know her.

I’m very prayerful about what to do each month for every episode. I usually don’t hesitate to follow God’s lead. But when I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to reach out to her, I was a bit fretful…

Yes, that’s right! The FEAR of REJECTION. I messaged her on instagram because some how we lost each other’s numbers… and welp… she responded the same day I asked and said she was ALL IN!

In all honesty, we will always face fear when we let our emotions and our feelings get triggered by an assumption or a lie. That is why it is important to renew our minds in God’s Word and through relationship with Him, to align our feelings to flow with truth.

Reality is, we will weep at times, in other moments we will have over the top joy! As Ecclesiastes chapter three reminds us there is a proper time for everything.

I want to encourage you to be obedient to God even when you’re afraid, even when you don’t know how it will turn out. Yes, be practical and follow wisdom, but don’t be SO logical you’re unable to step out and to move in faith.

If you’re on a desktop, check out the RSS Feed to “Jesus Stories” on your right. If you’re on your cell, hit the three dots that will expand more features, one of them includes the RSS Feed to the podcast.

You are more than welcome to comment with questions here or on the RSS Feed. If you’re not a believer but you found this page, take a listen to Paige’s story… Consider this moment an invitation to join Jesus at the table of salvation!

I also ask you, on whichever platform you prefer to listen to podcasts, write a review on “Jesus Stories”. I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you!

Much love,

Brianna-Monique Williams



Check out Paige’s poetry on insta –

Follow her. Be blessed. Be set free.

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