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Introducing – Mused by Music

Mused by Music BB 2

I’ve had this idea for awhile. I LOVE MUSIC. I think most humans do. That must mean God loves it too… why else would we connect to it so well?

For this new segment, this is like Story Sunday except, each installment is a new story, inspired by part of a song.

With painting, without a subject a painter would have nothing to paint, right?

I’m gonna take it slow.

I’ve selected five songs. Five, melodious gems, where a verse, or a chorus, or a musical interlude inspired a story in my heart.

Originally, I was going to call this story segment “musepiration” but that sounds like sweaty armpits… Due to the unpleasant aroma of gross, soaked, under arms I ditched that title idea.

At some point last week, in the late, late hours of the night, as I sat on FB thinking of ways to promote my blog… “musepiration” came back to me with a new title – “Mused by Music”!

The ancient Greeks believed there were these creatures called muses that inspired artists to create their work.

Some churches might consider those muses– demons… (The only type of spirit I want influencing me is the HOLY SPIRIT. Amen? AMEN!)

In our dictionary to today, to be “mused” means to be caught up in wonderment or to be amazed in an outlandish way.

I’m not a super visual person. When I think of a memory and describe it in detail, I don’t see it in my head, I just know the details.

These songs that I have selected to write for this new segment, birthed ideas that inspired me to write when I faced writer’s block, or perfectionism dared to rear its ugly head and take over mind again, or simply sparked an idea of treasure to me.

May this new segment, inspire you to do what you do. May you stop waiting for tomorrow to pursue your dream, but you pursue your dream right after you have finished reading this post. And the beginning of pursuing that dream starts with a set mind, simply believing you were born to make that dream come to life, because it isn’t just for you, that dream is for other people too.

Where would millions of kids be without Walt Disney?

Where would women be without Shonda Rhimes and her epic shows?

Where would you be without your pastor at your church?

Where would you be without your mom fulfilling her dream to become a mom? (Whether by blood or adoption or foster care).

Your dream isn’t just for you. (I know I already said this, let me say it again.) Your dream is not just for you!

Dare to dream (I started saying that before someone at Disney started using it). Be bold in your pursuit and don’t go for your dream without God.

Sure, you may be able to make a dream come true without God… like a famous pop star we all know. Yes, the one pop singer that is the child of two pentecostal pastors. And maybe she loves her life, who are we to say she doesn’t, but most likely she misses God.

We exist because God willed for us to exist (Rev. 4:11). We are made in His image (Gen. 1:24-26). Jesus came to earth, lived as man while fully God, died on a cross, and rose from the grave to pour out grace on the world, for the chance we receive the free gift of grace (John 3:16-17). God made us. We were, we are, and we will always be God’s dream.

So, I personally think pursuing our dream apart from God is vain. I can only imagine what a blessing the pop singer would be to the world walking in her full purpose, which is doing what she does in full relationship with God. Maybe she would be married to a famous ex-football player soon to be full time preacher and the global impact they would have would be SPECTACULAR? Or maybe, her life would be entirely different… who is to say?

God created us, we should honor Him, by living our lives in relationship with Him. And all your dreams will come true, granted your dreams might not line up with His heart right now, but when you follow His lead, you’ll be more at peace than you could ever be on your own.

Please enjoy MUSED BY MUSIC! If you have a song you want me to be inspired by to write a story, leave the title and the artist in the comments, and I will select the songs that resonate with me.

Much love,



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Storyteller via writer, actor, filmmaker, and artist.

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