Crossing the Finish Line

Last Fall, with a burning desire to see my dreams become reality. I found a writing contest to enter advertised on Instagram. The contest was through LitNet, which is like WattPad where writers publish their books one chapter at a time. I look at this style of instant publication as live-tweeting for bookworms.

I had two categories to enter. One, “College Campus Romance” or two, “Small Town Mystery Suspense”. I never wrote a mystery before, that option was out. When you make goals to accomplish anything, you have to plan for things where the odds are in your favor and not where the odds are stacked against you.

True, I hadn’t truly wrote a romance, but I did watch a lot of Rom-Coms growing up. Falling in love is still on my agenda for life that needs to be experienced, but I figured my imagination could give me enough to use for a fictional story.

I planned it all out. I would write a book about a modern day courtship, because in all honesty, that is my fantasy. I want to meet a guy, who becomes my friend, then one day he asks me out, and we date with the intention to marry. Now, that doesn’t mean we HAVE TO get married, but I’m not dating to see if we will become something. I plan to date because we are something and we want to grow deeper in relationship.

Get this— I designed the cover, developed my characters, created a fictional world based in the real world, wrote a detailed outline of all the chapters, and I had five months to write my book. I wrote barely five chapters.

I fell for the foolish lie… “No matter how hard I try… I’ll never win the contest.”

All the ambition in me to complete the story was gone. Clutch time arrived, with three weeks left to submit my completed work, and the way I can crank out words I could have maybe finished if I pushed myself… but I didn’t. I think I gave up the second I entered the contest, when the first negative thought creeped into my mind, “Your story won’t get enough attention to win.”

The way the contest worked, to be eligible, was that it needed to fit the theme of the contest, be 50,000 words or more, and get a lot of views and reads from the public. I knew I could write to the theme. I knew I could write 50,000 words. However, I failed to believe people wanted to read my work.

As a Christian should I have low self-esteem if I am abiding in Christ Jesus? Like, look at King David. He was probably ignored by his father, and treated poorly by his brothers, yet he wrote psalms saying the “the Lord’s glory is my glory”… does it sound like he had a low self-esteem?

Since I’ve been thinking about my identity in Christ lately. I am reading the psalms, that we know David poured out from his heart, and I am looking at the scriptures of how God views the nation of Israel as His children, and I am wondering why I ever think so lowly of myself?

Is it because the people who where my examples to guide me in life put me on the back burner too much? Is it because I was picked on for being overweight and wearing boy clothes? It it because I equate what I do as the full representation of who I am?

There are so many scriptures to support we should never think lowly of ourselves. (We shouldn’t think too highly of ourselves either.) In John 3:16, scripture is clear that Jesus was sent and He died for every human being in the world, past, present, and future. By choosing to believe that He came for me, that He died and bled for me, and rose again so that I may have eternal life… that should at the very least let me think, “I am just as capable as anyone else, of winning this contest.”

Reading the word more and more and renewing my mind (in other words) thinking about myself in light of what scripture says, I ought to have amazing thoughts like, “I can win this contest because the Lord makes me victorious!”

Granted, I think people can start confessing the Word of God without believing it, therefore, those fake confessors won’t get nada!

Read Exodus, Deuteronomy, and Numbers in the Bible. God delivered Israel out of B O N D A G E… He did miracles in front of them all the time, and so often they wanted to go back to slavery and idolatry, instead of remaining free. God moved in Israel’s life not because they believed, but because of His covenant and His faithfulness to Abraham. I can see why, when Jesus made a way for Gentiles to come to the Father, that God said all we have to do is believe. I don’t have scripture to back this up, but reading between the lines I’m going out on a limb to say, He must have been crushed age to age. Doing all these signs and wonders to bring people into relationship with Him and they would turn their back on Him for a false god made out of wood or for the doctrines of demons.

Belief will get you further than proof.

This is going to be an eccentric example, but transgenders are a great one. It doesn’t matter what science says… that you are either biologically male or biologically female. People are convinced, regardless of their biology, they are what they think they are. Not only will the medical field help mutilate their bodies, to help them appear to be what they feel, the law will allow them to change genders, and the society supports their beliefs, when the society uses the desired gender pronouns transgender people identify with.

God designed us. I wonder why He allows imagination and belief to be more powerful in our psyche than reality. Is it because He created all we know out of nothing? That because He saw us in entirety out of nothingness, and since we are made in His likeness, it is when we see something in our mind, we create the spark for it to become reality?

We live in the age if it sounds good, which means we think it is good, or we think it is true, we share it before we fact check it? Talk about living in a made-up world?

In Proverbs, the book on Wisdom in the Bible, it says that life and death is in the power of the tongue. Before the tongue can utter a word, you have to think about what you’re going to say. Proverbs also says, what a person thinks about that person is that in their heart. Heart in Hebrew is really more this concept of the heart and the mind being one. (I can’t remember if I googled that heart fact or if I learned it at Bible College, look up a trusted Jewish source on the meaning of the “heart” in the Torah… your mind will be blown!)

I am clearly past the point of winning this contest because it is long over with, but I still have a story to write. Who knows! Maybe Kirk Cameron or the Erwin Brothers will stumble across my story on LitNet and want to make it into a movie and it’s wildly more successful than “I Can Only Imagine” and “God’s Not Dead” put together! Maybe, in the secular world, it’s the best ROM-COM of the YEAR! Better than “Crazy Rich Asians”!

Joyce Meyers talks about the power of your thoughts. She said she’d rather believe God for a lot rather than for a little.

Abraham probably wouldn’t have believed enough for Isaac, if he never believed for descendants as vast as the stars in the sky… (now he has them). David probably never wouldn’t have made it to kingship, if he didn’t believe every victory He had came from the Lord. Paul probably would have died from being stoned the first time, if he didn’t believe it was his purpose in the earth to ready the Body of Christ for the return of Jesus.

What we believe fuels our drive in pursuit of our dreams.

I am crossing the finish line into traditional, New York Best Selling Author, publishing ONE. STORY. AT. A. TIME.

Please go to LitNet and check out “A Digital Age Courtship”. If you have a LitNet account, please follow me. If you like what you read, share the link! Pray for me. If you need prayer, drop a comment below and I will place that request before God in my prayer time and believe with you.

I just want to encourage you. The dreams you have burning like a fire in you, more than likely are in you, because God designed you to live out those dreams. If you aren’t certain your dreams are God-given, I pray right now, for whoever is reading this, that God makes your dreams clear and that He won’t let you escape from completing them. Souls are attached to your destiny. No dream is too small, too big, too silly, or too impossible to achieve when God is in it.

If you have a desire to work for Disney and you believe in Jesus, I pray you go in equipped and get favor to put something out there filled with light, love, and truth for the end time harvest!

If you dream of becoming a teacher but have no money to go to school, I believe God will get that education for you in ways you never thought He would. You knew He could, but you never believed He would.

And maybe I haven’t said a single thing you’re dreaming of… Maybe you have never heard anyone dream of what you dream of doing one day! I’m excited because I know I’m going to read your name in a history book somewhere. You got a dream that will revolutionize the world, and on behalf of the Kingdom, even if no one notices until you’re past your prime or you’re gone. You go do what God designed you to do!

Okay, I’m done now. AMEN! Below is the link to my story on LITNET— “A Digital Age Courtship”.

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