+Positively Unexpected+ Part 9

+Positively Unexpected – 9

…Out with the Old, In with the New…

Ratings went through the roof from New Year’s Eve when Bryan James and Tasha Turner-Rourke hosted for the Deets App. Bryan James rose to fame in high school from his online vlog about being an openly gay basketball player. In college, he got an injury that blew out his knee and there was no coming back from it. But he landed a job as a commentator after he graduated. He continued his online vlog, which gained a huge following into the millions. While Tasha was on paid leave, the Deets hired him to take her seat.

Bryan was married to Todd Prague, Manhattan’s leading fashion designer. They had two children, both through surrogacy.  

Now, Rodeheaver planned on Bryan and Tasha to co-host the Deets regularly, since New Year’s Eve went well with the public. Tasha had been working the desk since she returned to work. She’d grown used to it and was hoping to slide into more of a producer roll like in the hay day of her career, before she lied for ratings and hoped not to get caught but did anyway.

Bryan begged Dax that their first guest together had to be Kingston Rourke. Tasha said her husband served as a guest on New Year’sEve, but Bryan argued the world was curious how a man goes straight after being gay for so many years. Tasha said the show could end up offending a lot of patrons and viewers if the truth was properly displayed. Bryan won and Kingston was going to be their first official guest hosting the show together.

…You’re Watching Bryan and Tash with the Deets…

“Welcome America, I’m Bryan,” he smiled.

“And I’m Tash,” she grinned.

“…with the Deets…” they said in sync.

They sat at opposite ends of a glass top panel desk, with their guest dead center in between them. Tasha stretched out her hand and took Kingston’s hand.

“Today, my wonderful husband, Kingston Rourke joins us to talk about his return to the sports world, but in a more demanding role than the world has seen him before.”

“Yeah, it’s a BIG minor deal.” Bryan snickered bugging out his eyes only to roll his eyes.

Tasha giggled, “Yeah, it’s huge and hardly heard of, you’re looking at the Manhattan Maniacs’ newest short stop.”

“YES,” Bryan sighed with a smile. “You’re a Minor League Baseball Player now, tell us how that happened.”

“Ah…” Kingston breathed, squirming his hand free from his wife’s grasp. He put his elbows on the tabletop as he rubbed his hands together and spoke as if he was thinking out loud, “Well… I was visiting a friend at a game last September. He plays for the Maniacs, we played college football together as a matter of fact. And um… He’s the pitcher and so for fun, I said I could hit his curve ball. We went out to the field. He was pitching and I was batting… we were just messing around and the GM came out onto the field with the coach and offered me a spot on the team. Raven Pippen, the GM asked what spot I played in high school, I said short-stop and she said that was what I’d play… I really thought it was a joke until a contract showed up at my door a few days later.”

“You did this before the game?” Bryan questioned.

“After.” Kingston said resting his hands on the tabletop.

“The Manhattan Maniacs’ Pitcher Bentley Zeigler wouldn’t be the same college football player you were rumored to have an affair with before dating Giles Bordner and coming out of the closet, is he?”

Flushed red in the face, Kingston scratched his head, “Um, yes, Bentley is my ex.”

“You have a thing for baseball players, well… had a thing…” Bryan retorted.

“Share why you were there honey…” Tasha encouraged Kingston as she rubbed his back.

“Probably when Tasha was about four months pregnant, I ran into Bentley at the mall of all places, in a baby store. He was shopping for the child he was expecting through a surrogate. He was single at the time and was ready to become a father. Um, anyhow, we just connected and at the time I hadn’t changed my lifestyle so we exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up for drinks…”

Kingston went on to explain they had horrible chemistry yet had a lot of common ground, therefore, they agreed to stay friends. After the season started, Kingston rededicated his life to Christ, and day by day made the decision to walk away from the homosexual lifestyle.

At the game, in September, when Kingston got offered a job as a player, Bentley asked Kingston to come. At this point, Kingston and Tasha were engaged. Bentley wanted an explanation face to face why Kingston was proving conservative-religious-groups right and claiming not to be gay anymore.

“I just shared my personal story with him. I said as I grew closer to this personal God, I felt so free to be me and I didn’t care what anyone thought. And the me I discovered loved my daughter, loved the mother of my daughter, and wanted to create a home like my family had for me… He gave me a hug, congratulated me, and then I asked him to be my best man.”

Pictures of the wedding party, at the altar, in the cathedral where Tasha and Kingston got married, appeared on a holo-screen behind them. Bentley, all suited up in a tux, stood right by Kingston’s side amongst the rest of the groomsmen. All athletes and the biggest shocker was the fifth man at the end, Giles Bordner.

Genuinely shocked, Bryan cleared the image with the flick of his hand, and fumbling for the right question he finally asked Kingston, “How… DID… that… HAPpen?”

“You’re going to have to pay me for an exclusive for that…” Kingston and Tasha laughed.

“Actually, everyone will get all the Deets later in the show, when we stream my one on one interview with him from his lovely apartment in Chelsea.” Tasha smiled at Bryan hoping he felt pain on the inside. Tasha managed to convince Dax, if Kingston had to be hers and Bryan’s first guest, Giles got to be her last solo interview. She filmed the interview early this morning before coming in to the studio.

“Right…” Bryan played along, “We don’t want any spoiler alerts… Let’s talk about family now, Kingston… What is fatherhood like?”

“Amazing…” Kingston smiled looking at Tasha.

A recent picture of Hadassah from Rourke’s latest Squeaker post popped up on the holo-screen behind them. The post read, ‘So blessed to wake this angel from above every morning. She’s got her mother’s smile.’ Bryan flicked the photo away making the screen pixelate as it dissolved.

“That beautiful baby does have her mother’s smile… There were rumors, when Tasha was first pregnant, that you weren’t the father… did you ever get a paternity test in case the rumors ever needed to be silenced?”

Kingston and Tasha shared a nervous gaze. Tasha gave Kingston the nod and Kingston bravely looked to Bryan. “We did a paternity test… and biologically, I’m not Hadassah’s father…”

“What?! Who is?”

“We promised her father not to disclose his identity publicly. He signed away all his parental rights and Kingston legally adopted her, and one day, when she’s ready we’ll reveal the identity of her birth father to her…”

“So you’re going to lie to her and tell her she isn’t adopted? That isn’t very Christian, now is it?”

“No, she’ll know, but to respect the man that sired her, she won’t get to know him until she’s an adult and that’s only if she really wants to get to know him.”

“So are you sterile, can you not have kids?”

“Um,” he gulped, looking at Tasha, “Actually, not true because…”

“We’re expecting again,” Tasha said. “I’m due in August.”

“That’s incredible…” Bryan said looking down, not sure what else to say…

The floor director gave the cue to wrap the interview segment and throw to a break.

Tasha kissed Kingston on the cheek, and said, “Thank you honey for stopping by today. I love you.”

“WE love you.” Bryan added.

“And after these messages from our supporters we’ll bring you the latest Hot Fire Deets. We’ll be right back.”

As soon as their mics were muted, Bryan stood up, walked behind Kingston, and got in Tasha’s face, “I know what you’re trying to do and we’ll see in a few weeks who the world will catch the Deets with. THIS… MEANS… WAR…” he hissed. Then he walked away.

“Boy, is he catty,” Kingston said adjusting the lapels of his blazer as he got off his stool.

Tasha fixed his tie to center it more. “Curiosity does kill the cat and I’m banking on it. After he digs too deep about Hadassah’s father, he’s out and back on the independent market.”

“You’re not worried about that blowing up in your face?” Kingston asked embracing his wife.

“We never signed a non-disclosure agreement to keep his identity secret, we just agreed she would inherit nothing but the name if he never has kids, and to leave his assets alone… We gave our word we would never tell the world, if Bryan tells the world, it isn’t our fault.”

Tasha gave her husband a kiss goodbye and agreed to meet at their favorite restaurant for dinner. Bryan came back to the desk very agitated. He took his seat ignoring Tasha off stream, but on stream they were brand new besties and the whole world knew it was a sham and loved it!

…So What Happened…?

How did Kingston end up married to a woman? How did Giles forgive Kingston?

Kingston reconciled the faith he was raised to follow and chose to live his life as a heterosexual. He went on talk show after talk show sharing his story and expressing that because of a relationship with a personal, living God he was no longer attracted to the same gender or had the urge to engage in multiple relationships. He now lived his life in alignment with the Word of God, and was focused on making more disciples of the God he credits for saving him from the prison he lived in. Some of those disciples eventually became both of Kingston’s exes, Bentley and Giles.

In the TELL ALL INTERVIEW Giles Bordner gave Tasha, he explained when he saw the announcement of Hadassah’s birth on social media, he couldn’t stop thinking about Kingston. He was still deeply in love Kingston. He sent a bouquet of lilies to Kingston to congratulate the man on fatherhood. Giles admitted that was the first step in forgiving Kingston. When Giles received a thank you card back from Kingston, along with photos of little Hadassah and a request to be Hadassah’s godfather… Giles broke down in tears with conflicted feelings. He still hated the man who tore out his heart so many times, yet he loved the man still.

Giles was going to turn down the offer to be a godparent. He agreed to meet Kingston for coffee at their favorite spot down the block, and would tell him in person, but that coffee went differently than Giles expected.

Kingston explained why he requested Giles to be Hadassah’s godfather, because Giles was the most loving, trustworthy, protective man he knew and he couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to be a guardian angel for his little princess.

Giles gave all the logical excuses why he couldn’t be her godparent. He and Kingston were exes. He was a non-religious gay man. He was a proud socialist. He traveled all the time for work. Not to forget to mention there was a huge part of him that grudgingly loathed Kingston’s guts.

Then Giles got really offended by what Kingston said next…

‘To be perfectly honest, I wanted to ask my brother-in-law over you, but God laid it on my heart to ask you… I know you don’t believe in God… Too many religious people have burned you… I know you must loath me, but nothing will fill that void you have in your heart. No great romance. No amount of World Series wins. Not marriage. Not kids. Not kindness and tolerance… Nothing but an encounter with God.’

Then Kingston said Giles needed to forgive Father Tope for what he did to Giles as a boy. Giles never told anyone but his therapist what happened to him as a kid. Not his parents, not his friends, and especially never his lovers…

Giles confessed on worldwide stream he was molested as a child by a priest. It was so stereotypical coming from the least stereotypical guy, it had to be true. And if Kingston knew that about Giles because of a God who sees everything, then maybe God wasn’t a creation of brainwashers.

Giles accepted being Hadassah’s godfather… Then he accepted being a groomsman in the wedding… He wasn’t really sure about God and Christianity but he did believe there had to be some great force in the universe that threaded everyone together. The interview concluded with Giles thinking about joining the Rourkes’ for Bible Study and Board Games in the suburbs.

By the time Kingston and Tasha welcomed their son, Prince, Bentley was engaged to his best friend since high school, who was also the surrogate for his first born, Heath. A few years later, Giles married a female model from France.

Tasha did not become the solo host for the Deets ever again, but she did get her own spin off called the Real, where she let celebrities tell their side after Bryan tarnished their reputation. It was the show every defamed celebrity went to win back their reputation. She also got to share heartwarming stories about philanthropy around the world and encouraging testimonies of people who received miracles.

Kingston’s life was transformed by the God attributed as love and by that love that saved his life, he lived daily worthy of a calling as a child of God.

See the original note from me below:

Author’s Note:

Today was the final section of Tasha’s story. I am a Christian and I do not agree with the reconciled church. I did not write this story to stir trouble. As someone who undoubtedly believes in the redemptive work of the blood Christ poured out on the cross, I believe Christ paid a heavy price for us to have a direct connection to the Father. Sin separates us from God. Sin is missing the mark and any part of our thoughts, attitude, nature, and actions that miss the marks that God designed humanity to live within, places a great divide between us and our Creator.

It is my prayer, that anyone who reads this story, believer or non-believer, unhappy in life or fulfilled, that you know your true purpose, and have a profound sense of meaning in the world, and life more abundantly, and the only way to have that is to believe in Jesus the Messiah. The Messiah foretold in the Hebrew Bible and proclaimed in the Gospels and Letters of the Christian Bible.

And I am confidant, any atheist, any agnostic, any member of the LBGTQ community, who read this story today, will encounter the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and will have an encounter that will secure your eternity in Paradise with our King, when this life passes away.

I dare you to pray and ask Joshua Jehovah Messiah if He is who the Bible says He is!

Thank you for re-reading +Positively Unexpected with me!

Much love,


2 thoughts on “+Positively Unexpected+ Part 9

    1. I’m not sure how true to life the ending is, but stories help us gain perspective… They help us look within and think about the world around us. One ending I know for certain is that Jesus wins – He already won at the cross.


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