Sorry for the Let Down

So… it’s Monday and I should have all this fun info about Manuscript Monday, but I regret to inform you, I got nada!

It’s not that I wanted to come up empty, but the truth is, I did not prioritize enough and manage my time to make this post happen as I originally envisioned.

I could easily list all the reason why I couldn’t make the post I wanted. Those are excuses and incredibly immature to use for the validity of where I fell short.

I despise this phrase I’m about to use, but “I’m only human” and people often let others down. Hopefully, never on purpose… Trust this, I kept telling myself, “I’ll get to it- I’ll get to it”… so much it was an internal chant in my head.

However, a few hours ago, a really cool idea came to me in regards to a post about Manuscript Monday and I knew, rushing it would not be my best. I can’t afford to produce anything that’s just par, I need to create above and beyond! I need to operate in excellence. Therefore, I would rather be a let down right now, to produce the best I can give another day. Now, I can’t make this a habit, but in some cases, I believe there’s precedent to make an exception.

Thank you for reading!

If you’re not caught up on “Bussing It”, I suggest going back and starting at Part 1. The final part of #TBT Story Sunday Classic- “+Positively Unexpected” will post this Thursday! Don’t miss it! If you want, share your favorite part of any Story Sunday with a friend!

As you know, this blog is to build my dream of getting traditionally published and each post you read and share, brings me one step closer!

Got a dream too? Let me know in the comments, if there’s a link, share it and after I check it out, if I like it, I’ll share it everywhere and with everyone that I know! I’ll also pray for you (shall I feel led)!

In the “Death of Salesman”, Eugene O’Neill made one prolific point with his play- we die within ourselves when we give up on our dreams! Never stop dreaming and your dream will happen, especially when you trust in God to get it done! He placed a dream in you, that puts you on the path to your purpose in this world, failing to pursue it is a disservice to you as much as it is to the world!

Surround yourself with people that believe in you, encourage, but also tell you the truth when you need to hear it. Love others and regard them more important than yourself. Be grateful for what you have because it could be gone tomorrow (that includes your life). And do something great for someone in need, because the needy will always be amongst us. Also, if you’re not square with Jesus the Messiah yet, maybe you think he was a good teacher or prophet but in no way the Messiah… if you believe in God, I dare you to pray and I trust God will show you who His son is…

Look at the NT through OT glasses. “Feeding the Five Thousands:, in the Gospel of John, is the Exodus story. Also, look at who Jesus hung out with… not a single Gentile really… He even called a Jew to preach to the Gentiles, which means Jesus had mad respect for tradition and culture and heritage.

I could go on and on about that and maybe I will one day…

Maybe you don’t believe in God as a person and maybe you just believe in the universe or perhaps you believe in nothing… You stumbled upon this blog not by chance. It is God’s grace letting you read the Gospel, which is pretty much this: humanity was made to dwell with God. The enemy cut humanity off from God out of insatiable jealousy. Humanity went from blessed to cursed, because of free will, the first man chose to become like God apart from God, when the sad truth is he already was like God. He trusted what he saw not what God said. Listening to God is true righteousness. God says He sent His son-Jesus- to restore humanity to our original purpose, to dwell with Him and to know Him intimately. But, it comes at a price. The Blood Jesus gave us access to God, to give us grace, which gives the ability to walk in some lesser form of who humanity was originally called to be. When we recognize Jesus as our Redeemer, than we are set free from the curse of sin that alienated us from God and His ways. God’s Kingdom may be in the World, but it is nothing like the World. One day, on Earth 2.0, we will Dwell with God forever as He originally designed.

To be apart of this: sincere in your heart, pray to God and admit you’re a sinner and accept that Messiah Jesus died for you, and from there Trust and Believe in God forever and always. The Holy Spirit seals you forever and you spend the rest of your life running a challenging race to stay faithful. You’ll never have to buy God’s love or earn His grace, but by changing how you think, and changing how you act, shows you can do something the first man failed to do with His free will…: you can show God that you Trust Him and you Trust His process! (If you prayed to receive the Lord Jesus- find a church that preaches the Bible, move in the Holy Spirit, and is filled with loving members. I pray now the Spirit of God leads you there. I also pray you find a mentor to be discipled by in your faith. WELCOME TO THE BEST FAMILY EVER MADE!//If you didn’t pray this prayer, that’s okay, you’re free to choose. I am biased, but I stand by my decision, Jesus is the BEST FRIEND I’VE EVER HAD and the only ONE I TRUST MY LIFE WITH COMPLETELY. I would die for Him- hoping I don’t have to though.)

Until next time, I bid all of you adieu!

Thank you,


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