+Positively Unexpected+ Part 5 [MISSING CONTENT]

Hey there fans! So I don’t know what happened- but I lost part 5 in the series. And I myself can’t quite remember everything that happened…

What I do remember…

In section 5, Hope Rourke was introduced. Kingston got his dashing good looks from her. She ran the adoption placement program at the hospital. The adoption placement program funded by the government for mothers who agreed not to get abortion.

When Tasha arrived at the hospital, before she went in to see Kingston. Hope takes Tasha on a tour of the maternity ward and then her office. In Hope’s office, Hope kindly threatens Tasha that if she get’s an abortion, she will sue Tasha until the Rourke Family gets custody of the child.

Tasha was shocked that Hope knew she was pregnant, and asked how Hope discovered the information. Hope knew the dispatcher that got Kingston’s 911 call after he attempted suicide by taking too many pills. He said he needed to live for his baby… that it would be awful to live knowing your dad killed himself.

At this point, Tasha found out the results to the DNA test and based on her behavior…  He was NOT the Father as Maury would say.

And that’s all I can remember about section 5.

Blog Follower: Why not re-write part 5 Bri?

Me: Well, I’m writing a bunch of things write now… plus it’s kind of fun to fill in the pieces like a detective! Do you remember anything from part 5 from its original posting.

Blog Follower: Sorry, no… why didn’t you back it up on your computer or a flash drive…

Me: I think I did, but I can’t find it write now. I’ve moved a lot lately!

Blog Follower: Thanks for filling in what you can… how do you remember this much?

Me: As a trained actress I must have a good memory. LOL!

Much love,


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