Writer’s Block, I Don’t Believe in It

Call me arrogant maybe, but I don’t believe in writer’s block. As an author there are too many stories I want to explore. I say explore instead of write because each story holds an adventure to be traveled.

Before I set out to type this post, I watched a video on Facebook about a baby girl, born to a mother whose husband was killed while serving in the military by an IED. What was unique about this video was that the fallen husband’s platoon journeyed through his wife’s entire pregnancy and are very involved in the infant’s life now. So my brain instantly wanted to explore that story 10, 15, maybe 20 years from now.

However, I love Sci-Fi, so I thought of the story taking place in space or on another planet. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself… What would that story be?

The daughter of a single mother who has a bunch of fathers, siblings, and stepmoms… One huge family. I would take a while divulge why she has such a huge family…

I wouldn’t have her mother remarry but I don’t know, it could also be interesting for the mother to marry a different soldier the fallen soldier’s platoon… There’s a variety of options.

And of course, you know me! I’d weave in my Judeo-Christian perspective. If I went with the Sci-Fi setting, I would subtly do it, but if I kept everything on earth, then Jesus the Messiah would appear in some way.

I went over all of that to simply say, I don’t believe in writer’s block, but I do believe perfectionism is an evil villain that can stop an author from finishing a story worth being told.

How is perfectionism bad? Not really sure if there’s a psychology definition or something, but for me, I want a story to be so perfect, if I don’t feel it is, I won’t post it. And that’s sort of a good thing, but then I’ll change the plot or the format or subplots or whatever and eventually I end up with a multi-verse of the same story… with the project just sitting in a file on a flashdrive  or my pc…

To be honest, “Because of Faith” was one of those multi-verse stories. For the blog, I rushed the ending because originally “Because of Faith” was designed to be a novel, and so many things changed as I revised each section to post. I also wrote entirely new sections because I went a different direction with the plot.

I could have given up on the idea long ago, but I don’t like to give up on things, especially, things I come up with creatively.

Any idea someone gets and has enough heart to create a work of art from it, deems that piece of art worthy of display… in my opinion, but who am I but a blogger?

I used to just write with the flow, when I felt inspired, but then I discovered the beauty of an outline, character backstories, and going over concepts with fellow writers or other people who support my writing, and that’s when I discovered my ideas could be novels one day… Actually, I’d probably save myself a lot of energy if I just wrote screenplays and/or plays… We’ll see where life takes this writer…

Okay! I know, if I don’t believe in writer’s block then why haven’t I posted another Story Sunday Series yet? Perfectionism combined with a little procrastination truth be told. Fortunately, these two issue go away by a decision to take action with a determination to set goals and meet them.

Refuse to have writer’s block… write a sentence if you must, but when you get stumped, look for the vein that needs to be opened. Write a story you love tell, you love to read, and that can be read clearly. You just may be the author of the world’s greatest author.

The greatest author in the Universe is the Holy Spirit, to the best book- Bible, with Jesus the Messiah as the main character… well, humanity is a main character too, and the brain of that story God the Father. Like Jesus is the protagonist, Satan is the antagonist, and God connecting with humanity through community is the main plot. Sorry for that spoiler alert. Here is a bigger spoiler, Jesus saves humanity! There is a plot twist though. And it can only be discovered when you choose to be saved by Jesus. If you want to find out more, the TRUTH IS OUT THERE!

Before you pick up a copy of the Bible to read, watch any video by the BIBLE PROJECT about the Bible… Below is one of my favorite videos by the Bible Project!


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