School is Out Forever! I Hope…

Hello everyone,

I do apologize for going M.I.A. for the past month. I was working hard to finish my final classes of my college career, and after graduating last Saturday, May 12th, I can officially say, “School’s out for-EVER!” Alice Cooper style.

I’m proud that I’ve received both a secular and Christian collegiate education on merit scholarships, pell grants, and work-study. I did not pay a dime or go into debt for my higher education.

It may seem odd, but I only have three associates degrees, and all in three fields that I love… Psychology, Music Ministry, and Evangelism. I always wanted to go for a doctorate and maybe one day I still will, but for now I’m done with school and I’m excited to move forward!

So what’s next for me? What type of employment do I intend to get with 3 associate degrees?

Right now I have few opportunities to work a couple places I’m incredibly ecstatic about, and I’m looking forward to the opportunities for two reasons:

  1. I truly feel God is leading me in that direction.
  2. Two, I can’t picture myself anywhere else for the time being.

I’m also ready to WRITE, WRITE, and WRITE some more! You’ll see more soon!

Thanks for the support!

You’ll get something fresh soon, until then, I bid you adieu!!!

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