Ethereal – 2

Down by the river, at the fig tree grove, a youngling walks the edge of the water searching for something. Perhaps, the youngling yearns to find a frog or a toad to catch.

“Hi there!” I say.

The youngling jumps and he jerks his head around spotting me. “Who are you?”

I try to hide my confusion from appearing on my face. I’m not boastful in myself, but only those who live outside Paix, in the far reaches of Ethereal don’t know who I am. Due to streaming every court case live, everyone eventually sees my face.

“Well, after you introduce yourself, I’ll introduce myself…”

“I’m Magro Mog,” he says holding out his hand, waiting for me to give him my hand so we can shake hands.

Mog sounds like a familiar name… For some reason, I can’t recall why the name sounds that way.

“Jo.” I answer taking his hand, firmly we shake, and together we release. “Find any frogs?” I add.

The youngling, runs his fingers through, his untamed black wavy hair, and chortles, “No… I dropped my d— I dropped my—,” he gulps breaking eye contact with me.

This Mog is hiding something, but what?

“I dropped my ring!” He shouts holding up his barren, left ring finger. Then he cups his hands together and begins to walk backwards away from me. Straight into the river. Luckily for him around this time, the current is faint and nearly like the force of a little creek. “I must have dropped in this river while I was crossing over… I’ll never get it back now…”

Mog’s hands shake like leaves rustling in the wind. Fear makes his eyes pop open wide like an owl on caffeine. And his breathing has shallowed since we first said hello minutes ago. He’s certainly lying.

“Mog…” I sigh, trying to figure out how to get him to trust me fully

“Magro!” He corrects me. “I have to go! You didn’t see me here!” He whispers loudly. Then he turns toward the wall of the city, and runs straight ahead.

Clearly, he has a plan to go beyond the wall, running at full force like that, and right when he reaches the wall, a burst of light shoots up from the ground beneath him, and wraps in the rays of its gleaming beam. Magro disappears as the light dissipates revealing he’s a youngling that can translate location without help from Sovereign… Is that permitted?

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