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I love this time year! This the time as a believer I celebrate the very event that made it possible for me to have a personal relationship with God, through Jesus the Messiah, and the in dwelling of the Holy Spirit.

To be honest, I would not dare to dream what I imagine to picture what is to come, if not for my Lord and Savior inspiring me daily to be more and more like Him! I would not have the joy I have, if not for His love. Granted, my life isn’t easy and I don’t even ideally have what I want right now in life, but WOW! I am blessed beyond measure to live this life and pursue my passions that are in accordance to what He has called me to, and that first is to know Him, and second is to establish God’s Kingdom on the earth.

If you don’t call yourself a believer and stumbled upon this site and to see this post, and you want to know if God is real, if you’re really questioning that, than I believe right now God is moving towards you to reveal Himself to you! And once He does that, if you choose Him, I promise you won’t regret it.

Remember to count the cost to follow Jesus. Just like when you get married, you’re forsaking living life on your own, by your standards, and you’re living your life for someone else… Okay, maybe using marriage is a poor analogy… Point is, look up the definition of lordship. Look up what a savior means. Google about some martyrs. Listen to some great evganelists like the late Billy Graham. God loves us, but we can’t decide to follow Him with a selfish motive to make our lives better. That is a given in some aspects once we become a believer, but God is the path to life, and anything else is the path to a vain death.

At the right time, you’ll connect with Jesus, but if you feel like right now YOU MUST BELIEVE, well, then ask JESUS to be LORD and SAVIOR of YOUR LIFE by admitting you know HE DIED for YOUR SINS UPON the CROSS, and that HE rose AGAIN on the THIRD DAY so that you may HAVE LIFE more ABUNDANTLY! Ask Him to forgive you for sinfulness and thank Him for the blood on calvary that covers you, washes you, and make you clean, and then thank Him until you get tongue tied because you’re NOW A BELIEVER, but that’s not eat.

Spiritually, you’re like a baby right now. You need to be fed and raised up in the things of God. FIND a church family or a mature believer in the faith to raise up in your walk.

Three things to look for in a church:

  1. The preach the WORD of GOD and not their opinions. If a sermon or what the person says doesn’t reflect what the Bible says, then LEAVE and GET AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE. (As a new believer you won’t be very acquainted with the Bible, but you have a fresh fire, so you may feel like in your gut you’re in the wrong place or what that person says is NOT right, and trust that’s the Father protecting you leading you to stay away.)
  2. The congregation members are loving and inviting, and serving. (Any church where the members only talk to people they know is a red flag. Just don’t go back, unless you feel led to stay. But a good shepherd [Pastor] gets his flock [the members] to be loving and welcoming.)
  3. They acknowledge the Holy Spirit is a person not an ‘IT’! There are wonderful Christians out there who do not acknowledge the Holy Spirit as a person and I believe we’ll see some in heaven, but understanding who the Holy Spirit is as a new believer is going to prepare you from serious battles you’ll face one and will mature wholly in the Lord. So yes, go to a church that believe in the baptism of fire.

Any red flags you may experience at a church, find someone and talk it out before you leave. Like if someone offends you, go to that person and share that you got offended by what the said or did. A mature and/or growing believer will resolve the conflict with you. You may have to get leadership involved to help you, but it is worth it!

Church- the gathering of the assembly- is crucial for our growth as a believer. There are somethings we cannot get from God on our own. He wants us to be one body, united in Spirit and Truth! (John 4:23)

I suggest start readings the Gospels and anything Jesus said! Before you listen or read the Bible, pray the Holy Spirit be your teacher and reveal the Word to you. Avoid any Wycliffe translation, and the NIV. I like the ESV, GW, NLT, TLV, and MEV. Those are my preferences though.

I’m excited that you’re a part of the Kingdom now, if you’re still wondering, I believe you’ll join us soon!

Happy Resurrection Day!

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