Ethereal – Prologue

In the land of Ethereal, no one suffers. Humanity holds all the answers now. Clean energy, peace amongst every nation and every neighbor, sickness and death are things of the past. Life thrives abundantly.

In the East, lies the capitol city of Ethereal known as Paix (PAYE). The city never rests, filled with light around the clock. All of Ethereal gets edicts and instructions from Paix. The city is enclosed in crystal clear gates. The streets are made of gold for the hover transports that run on water that provide precipitation to return to the clouds in the clear sky.

Vinedi, the benevolent, inspirational, just, and loving Sovereign of Ethereal, lives at the center of Paix. 24/7 his house welcomes in guests and sends them back out. He rewards citizens of Ethereal for all work they accomplish in their task field or he takes the time correct them if they made too mistakes and their supervisor couldn’t help them. Sovereign Vinedi has his son King Fiel train and teach and fellowship with all the rulers of Ethereal throughout the entire land

Crime no longer exists since Levid Pentser, humanity’s greatest enemy, was imprisoned by one of Vinedi’s lead generals, Ganel captured him and threw him in prison since the day Ethereal was founded.

Everything is about to change. The Era of a Thousand Years is about to end. Judgement Day is a week away. Seven days from now, every Etherealite will find out if Vinedi will allow them access to the New World under a New Sky.

At the end of the week, under a law written long ago, before the time of Ethereal in the old world, Levid Pentser will be freed. Uncertainty as to what ‘freed’ means in the case of Levid circles throughout the land. Sovereign Vinedi and King Fiel say nothing about it because the already spoke about it long ago. Since no one needs reminders in Ethereal, the Sovereign and the King have no need to explain what “freed” means then.

Even as a judge in Ethereal, I have no idea what “freeing” Levid Pentser means.

Hello, there! Yes, I’m talking to you.

It’s my final week in Ethereal, and for my personal journal I don’t want to forget a thing. I don’t believe I’ll forget anything. I didn’t forget the lost world. I didn’t forget my family or friends, nor did they forget me. All that changed was that we could understand each other no matter what language we spoke, and we can all speak any language. The Sovereign gave me a new name, that only he and I know, but in Ethereal I have a different name than I did in the lost world. Here I’m known as Jophiel (JOE-Fee-EL). Jo for short. But in case others right, that come time to journey to our New World and we don’t remember any of the former things… I’ll have whatever I journal here to remind.

I didn’t journal from the beginning because that would be too many journals to hide over the course of a 1,000 years. Believe it or not, not a single day, hour, or minute was dull. Oddly enough, part of me wishes I had more time.

In the lost world, I lived in a poor nation. A very hot desert where cities and towns lied in ruins because of constant conflict and war. I grew following a belief system that was designed to make me hostile and to fight for a deranged cause. We lied to people and said we were good and that we wanted peace, and some of us were nice and were peaceful… But some of us, were murderous monsters that harmed anyone who didn’t believe what we believed.

When I was a young man, I was recruited to be a member of a group that terrorized people. I was convinced I lived a holy life and that I would be rewarded in the next life based on what I did for my scary group built on the belief system I followed. In the lost world, we called it “faith”. In Ethereal, there is no need for faith because we have love now.

Surely, I was going to die in the name of my faith’s god in the lost world, when my sister became a believer in King Fiel, but under his lost world name. At first I hated her and I plotted to break her of her faith or kill her myself, but something remarkable happened.

King Fiel appeared to me in a dream, asked me why I persecuted him by abusing his people. He told me to find a priest from my sister’s faith and accept him as Lord and Savior of my life. The next day, I did that. I followed my sister to her secret place of worship.

At first, she thought I was there to hurt everyone, but when I explained my dream, the priest embraced me, prayed with me, and from that day, I was never the same. I too because a priest and I told the good news about King Fiel. I did that for three years… until I was kidnapped by the very same group that tried to recruit me. They tortured me trying to get me to reject my faith. Eventually, they cut off my head, along with several other believers and filmed it.

I spent years in Paradise, where time did not exist. A day was like a thousand years and a thousand years was like a day… I could not feel time. I knew time passed, but I could not feel it because I wasn’t affected by time.

And now, I serve as a judge in Paix. I work with King Fiel. Now, there is no crime but there are still offenses. Many citizens are learning to do what they’re made to do forever and sometimes people get hurt or injured or jaded along the way. Since King Fiel is very busy, and only takes severe cases to handle himself, I was one of those martyred in the lost world, assigned to judge in this world.

I cannot find an edict or law that doesn’t prevent me from recording things about Ethereal.

Dear Future Jophiel the following record is what you may not remember. While Ethereal probably won’t differ from the New World too much. Everything is drastically different than how it was in the lost world.

I suggest you read carefully, and if you read this far, you might as well read the whole thing.

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