I might as well be honest with my visitors.

I started this blog for one reason– to become a published author through traditional means.

I didn’t go to college for writing. I don’t say that to boast. I state it as fact.

Nowadays, our college education is merely training, along with building connections. Who you know opens doors and who know can close them too. That’s why doing everything with excellence is key.

I dreamt of attending Harvard. Part of me, for some reason, still does.

I can say my college education hasn’t cost me anything but hard work, but I did not have to pay for a single college credit out of my own money. I believe if  I wanted to further my education, I could find the funds… but I’m not sure if I want to do that.

The classroom has taught me a lot. But at the end of the day, it is only knowledge.

The only way we truly learn is by doing. Let’s face it. The workforce throws things at us the greatest education could never teach us. I’m not anti-education. I’m anti-wasting time!

The other day I had this thought… On judgement day, God will ask me one thing…

“Brianna, did you fulfill and carry out your purpose on the Earth?”

That’s why we can’t earn God’s grace. He’s given us grace, not to accept us so much but more so to equip us to do what He designed us to do. You can’t earn the right to be someone you already are to Him, but as a just God, He must weigh your merit to the Kingdom based on what you did with what He gave you.

Who wants to experience the next life in eternity with people who were lazy in this life? People who had a gift in them that would have saved your loved one and brought them into contact with eternal life.

I know God is a big God. Only Jesus saves. However, you cannot deny you as an individual have power. What you say or do today can make someone else change their perspective towards God. Yes, only His Spirit draws men unto Jesus Christ.

What if Jesus never called Peter? What if Peter never spoke to the 3000 at Pentecost? What if your grandmother never shared her faith with you?

No one is happier than I that God is in control, sovereignly, but if we lacked the ability to affect someone’s salvation, we wouldn’t be called to make more disciples of Christ, would we?

This post today serves mainly as a reminder, my life has a purpose, the purpose to be about my Father’s business on the Earth and I must use my gifts like He designed me to create change with those gifts.

I may influence a million or just one person, as long as that number matches the number in God’s book on Judgement Day, then I know he’ll say–

“Well done my good and faithful servant.”

I will confess. I don’t live every breath as if unto the Lord, for the Kingdom and for the Kingdom’s cause. But I want to… First, I must trust God. Trust God so completely that even in trial, test, wants, discontent, storm, and pasture I keep my eyes fixed on Christ Jesus.

I’m quick to think I’m not in God’s will when I’m going through a mess or when I feel uncomfortable, or when I face tremendous fear. I wonder if I’m close to God when I can’t “feel” Him. I worry I’m straying when it takes longer to hear Him. When prayer doesn’t satisfy in my usual timeframe, I abandon prayer, when maybe God wanted me to press longer.

I don’t think I have yielded entirely to the program of Christ Jesus. He said to pick up your cross and bear it. Jesus taught to die to self. Jesus showed us to be a servant to all. Jesus loved without strings.

I have yielded to 21st Century Christianity. I carry my cross until it’s too hard to bear, then I ask God to help me carry it or ask my friends to share the load. I die to my self until gluttony rears her ugly head and I give in to what my flesh wants more and more of until I’ve had too much. I’m a servant to those I’m obligated to serve. I love those who I want for my reasons. I look for messages and a word to lift my spirits. Where is the message from the pulpit that we are gluttons in America? Where is the message that  we are SELFISH CHRISTIANS? Where is the message that we are LAZY?! Where is the message that we are LUKEWARM?!!

Reminder BriAnna,

You’re a glutton.

You’re lazy.

You’re selfish.

Remember to:

Only take what you need.

Get things done because you can.

Think about that person next to you and do what you can do to help them.

When we remind ourselves what we have tendency to do or to be like, then the enemy can’t use those things and twist our thinking to ledad us to believe because of our hang-ups we’ll never fulfill our purpose. Exposing the truth in all areas of our lives will keep us focused and leave us ZERO room for excuses.

With God there are no excuses we can give Him. We only have reasons why we didn’t do something. The bible says God called us. He CALLED US. Only a few heed the calling and those that succeed did accordingly all to what they’re called to do.

Writers, artists, musicians, engineers, bio-chemists, grocery store managers, school teachers, web-designers, etc. Are you doing what God called you to do?

And if you don’t believe in God. Just a universal higher power. That’s fine! I dare you. Ask that higher power if it has name and what it is? If you’re an atheist and you don’t believe in any sort of religion. I dare you too! If any part of you doubts your atheism, bravely ask, “God, Father of Jesus the Messiah, are you real? If so, Set-Apart Spirit, will you reveal the Son, the personhood of Jesus the Messiah to me. Thank you.”

If you’re heart is ready, God will reveal Himself to you. All three-persons-in-one of Himself! If you have questions, feel free to ask or contact me! If I don’t know the answer I’ll find one or direct you somewhere with the answer.

Don’t forget to remind yourself of things you want to change about yourself. And remember where you’re going. Your dream is meant to become reality. Don’t let anything kill your dream while in the womb of your imagination!

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